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Microsoft unveils Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL with Liquid Cooling and USB Type C

The month October has been a great month for Microsoft as it has showcased so many new devices in a row. Besides holding a grand event of Windows 10 devices Read more »

Microsoft unveiled its new Windows 10 Surface Book- a laptop!

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 launch event was one of the most talked about event of this fall. Finally Microsoft has brought its surprises from its bag. One of the most Read more »

Microsoft gears up for a host of Windows 10 devices

The coming days are for Windows devices and it’s clear from the exhaustive event schedule of Microsoft with its partners. In a day, Microsoft will host its own big Windows Read more »

Microsoft Garage Mouse without borders: Use a single mouse for multiple computers

Quite often we need to work with multiple computers simultaneously. It becomes a tough situation to use different mouse devices for different computers. Actually it is really difficult to switch Read more »

Apple mocks Microsoft Windows by replacing the Windows logo with a normal window

Apple has allegedly mocked Microsoft’s Windows operating system in its iCloud calender Support page. The page shows a normal window image under the Windows 10 menu. Apple may clarify this Read more »

How to sync only specific folders of your OneDrive account in Windows 10

When you create folders in your OneDrive account, then everytime you add new content to the folder, or update the files of the folder, the folders synchronize themselves in OneDrive. Read more »

How to save your Documents and Pictures directly in OneDrive in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has made it possible to tweak and personalize different Settings of OneDrive. For example, the Pictures and Documents files are saved by default in the C drive which Read more »

How to Turn On/Off Auto Save Screenshots to OneDrive in Windows 10

Windows 10 facilitates auto save of screenshots in your Microsoft cloud storage OneDrive. If you enable the auto save settings of screenshots in OneDrive, then screenshots (PrtSc or Alt+PrtSc) will Read more »

Tim Cook says new partnership with Microsoft, also indicates iOS and OS X will be separate

Once upon a time Microsoft was a strong rival of Apple but things have changed and the present CEO of Apple Tim Cook pointed out that partnership with Microsoft is Read more »

Microsoft works with AARP to fight ID Theft and online scams

Microsoft has decided to take strong stand against ID Theft and online online scams with the help of AARP. It has been reported that often online scammers call at land Read more »