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Windows Holographic

Microsoft announced the first major Update to Windows Holographic which has brought a plethora of new features. But most of the added features are very basic and have been added Read more »

How to Turn On or Off Windows 10 Limited Periodic Scanning with Windows Defender

Windows 10 Build 14352 has introduced a new feature to Windows Defender, and it;s called the Limited Periodic Scanning. This feature is new and this security settings enables users to Read more »

How to Find Firmware Revision Number of Windows 10 Mobile Phone?

The following tutorial will show you to find the Firmware Revision Number of Windows 10 Mobile. Steps to Find Firmware Revision Number of Windows 10 Mobile Phone 1. Open Settings Read more »

How to Determine if your Windows License Type is OEM, Retail, or Volume?

When we purchase Windows operating system, we purchase them through different types of licenses. These Windows License impose restrictions, terms and rights which are based on Microsoft Software License Terms. Read more »

Alcatel Idol Pro 4 Windows 10 Mobile flagship passes Wi-Fi certification

Alcatel is reportedly setting up to launch its high end Windows 10 Mobile flagship called the Idol Pro 4 . The phone was lining up in February and is again Read more »

Hacked? : An app for Windows 10 to inform about data breaches

Hacked? is a useful application for Windows 10 machines that can let you know if your online accounts have been subjected to data breaches of any kind. The Hacked? App Read more »

How to manage Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge?

While using Windows 10’s latest web browser Microsoft Edge, if you have clicked on Remember password while signing in to any website, social networking site, then it becomes a problem. Read more »

How to Create a System Image in Windows 10?

This tutorial will help you create a system image in Windows 10. System images are the dupes of the original system disks and can be used to restore your PC Read more »

Share via Clipboard

Windows Store doesn’t allow certain functions like copying the direct link of an App, opening a Windows Store App on a browser and so on. While these limitations may not Read more »

How To Perform a Clean Boot in Windows 10?

In Windows operating system, a clean boot helps in starting the operating system with minimal set of drivers and startup programs. When Windows boots by normal process, along with it Read more »