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Halo App launched for Windows 10 PC

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Halo App launched for Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 PC is bringing the Halo App. Halo 5: Forge is releasing on September 8 as a free download in the Windows Store. The Halo App will release along Read more »

Windows 10 has introduced a new feature called Quick Assist with the help of which, user can control remote computers. Now it’s quite often when our family members who are Read more »


VP9 is an open source video format that has been introduced with Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10. This new type of video source offers efficient compression to stream HD Read more »

Windows 10 Update disrupts webcam functioning

The new update of Windows 10 released earlier this month has caused the webcams to stop working. The glitch has affected both in-built webcam and USB connected webcam. Users are Read more »

Microsoft pays $10,000 after an auto Windows update ruined a user's machine

Windows 10 Anniversary Update has started rolling out since last week and Microsoft has improved and added many new features to the Edition. One of them is the Family features Read more »

Microsoft pays $10,000 after an auto Windows update ruined a user's machine

The Bash feature is new addition in Windows 10. Microsoft has devoted itself in ameliorating PowerShell, Command Prompt, developer scenarios and several command line tools. Bash is one such tool Read more »

Windows Phone sales collapse as Microsoft damages Nokia

Microsoft acquired Nokia’s handset business but that didn’t turn out to be fruitful. Microsoft;s Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone couldn’t make a mark of their own. Before the arrival Read more »

Windows 10 Mobile users finally gets the Facebook App

After waiting for eternity, Windows 10 Mobile users has finally got the Facebook app. Windows 10 Mobile users had to remain contend with a Beta version since June. Besides, users Read more »

Microsoft pays $10,000 after an auto Windows update ruined a user's machine

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has slammed Microsoft for blatantly disregarding users’ privacy and often misleading them to download apps and other services. It’s known to us that Microsoft had a Read more »

Windows Holographic experience for Windows 10 by next year

Microsoft announced that Windows Holographic, a platform for AR, VR and MR will be available for mainstream Windows 10 platform next year. The company has also launched a video showing Read more »