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How to Change Default Copy Name Extension Template in Windows 10?

While using Windows operating system, you must have noticed that an image or a file copied and stored in the same folder gets the same name but with a name Read more »

Microsoft developing Edge Browser interoperability with new API Catalog Tool

Microsoft has been bolstering the improvement of interoperability of Edge Browser. For leveraging the interoperability, Microsoft Edge team needs to make data driven decisions which will not be possible without Read more »

How To Induce Delay Before Sending Emails In MS Outlook?

If you use MS Outlook software then you can induce delay of a number of minutes before sending emails. If you have sent a mail and remembered that you have Read more »

Windows 10 will no longer let you Google search from Cortana

Today Microsoft published a blog post today mentioning their new intention of protecting the Integrated Search Experience in Windows 10. In other words, Microsoft will not allow users to set Read more »

How to Turn On Paid Wi-Fi Services in Windows 10?

Paid Wi-Fi Services enable Windows 10 users to get online by buying Wi-Fi at the hotspot through Windows Store. Windows will temporarily connect to open hotspots that are not secure. Read more »

Microsoft purchases 10 million synthetic DNA for generating powerful data storage

Microsoft has purchased 10 million synthetic DNA from Twist Bioscience in order to encode digital data. Twist Bioscience is a company that researches and works on synthesis of high quality Read more »

Facebook introduces Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Windows 10 Apps

Owing to the increasing popularity of Windows 10 and the enthusiastic approach of Microsoft towards ameliorating the operating system, big companies are now bringing Apps exclusively for Windows 10. Facebook Read more »

How to set different wallpapers for multiple monitors in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has provisions for multiple virtual desktops and multiple monitors to help organize their work in individual desktops. However, if you talk about personalization, Microsoft hasn’t left any straightforward Read more »

Microsoft bringing a popular feature of iPhone and Mac to Windows 10

Unlike past times, Desktop and Mobile platforms are close to each other in terms of functionality. In earlier times, the desktop OS platform differed widely from that of the mobile Read more »

Foxit Reader: Search any text from multiple PDFs without opening them

PDF files are something that users in educational and professional fields use, almost every single day. Be it research papers, journals or books, pdfs are widely used. There are several Read more »