Is your hard drive running out of space and you are unable to download certain high storage games? Well, we have a solution for you: move it to another drive. We have today for you the steps to set up your PC games to a different drive.

With the advancement in gaming technology, games have now developed a lot which is visible to us in terms of graphics, smoothness and of course the size. The size of games have become excessively large and many modestly sized disks fail to contain them. To transfer it to another drive various gaming clients such as Steam, EA’s Origin have several built-in features to transfer the game.

EA Origin


This client has a built in “Move” button which makes this transfer the simplest. Installing the game could be done in any folder or drive. To transfer an Origin game into a new folder you just need to right click the game in Origin’s Library View, select Move Game and then select your required destination by browsing. A File Explorer will pop up, follow the steps and then you will enjoy the game just the same.

Microsoft Store

Go to Windows Settings, find your game in the add/remove list and then select the Move option next to Uninstall option. This would allow you to move the game to a different drive and not to any different folder. You can have your SSD’s space cleared by following this.


You need to move the files yourself while using Blizzard launcher. After that you must direct to the new place by selecting your desired place.

Cut paste the folder you desire to the new drive, then open and click on Blizzard menu present on the top left corner and select settings. Beneath the update/install option select Use a Different Folder button. 

Ubisoft Uplay

This is similar to the process of Blizzard launcher as you are required to move the actual files using File Explorer. Copy the game to the new drive location and delete it from the previous location. 

Now open Uplay and uninstall, once the game shows uninstalled, right click and choose View Game Details. A newly added option would be seen beneath Download named Locate Installed Game. Click on it and get your launcher directed there and let it detect the game files and you will enjoy it as it was.



This client makes the transfer comparatively easier for you. Select Downloads tab in the sidebar present in the top left corner of the main window of Steam. Click the button along the top labelled Steam Library Folders, and select Add Library Folder. Now you can use any other folder as the secondary location.


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