Video files have various elements, such as bitrate, header, frame rate, codec parameters, etc. If any of these elements get damaged due to any reason, the entire video file gets corrupted or damaged. In such cases, we have to repair those corrupt videos, mainly with the help of a video repair tool. Video files come in many formats; thus, there is a high chance of video damage due to compatibility issues. For example, while playing videos on Windows PC, macOS, or Android, we often get the “video cannot be played” notification. It is due to a compatibility issue between the operating system and the file type. Some other types of video damage are due to OS crashes, conversion errors, errors in file transfer, and malware attacks.

In this article, we shall review the Stellar Repair for Video application and discuss how the application can single-handedly repair damaged and lost video files. 

Two Popular Video File Formats: MOV and MP4

MOV and MP4 are two prevalent and widely used video file formats. Apple QuickTime movies developed MOV, and it deploys MPEG-4 codec for compression. MP4 is another common video file format developed by ISO. These two formats have optimum compression techniques with the best quality videos. The reason for talking about these two formats is that they are the most widely used. Any error or bug in these can damage your video files. Stellar Repair for video is the best video repair tool for these crises.

Essential Features of Stellar Repair for Video application:

1. Fix Corrupted Videos

Stellar Repair for Video is an efficient video repair tool that can address and resolve many video damage situations, such as black screen error, flickering, lagging, unwanted blur, and video grains. In addition, the application helps to fix errors in video frames, headers, sound sections, etc.

2. Fix Severely Corrupted Video Files With Sample File

Stellar Repair has an exciting feature called Advance Repair, which can seamlessly repair corrupt and damaged videos using sample files. By sample files, we mean a file of any size created from the same device in the same format as the corrupted file. The application identifies the issue and extracts relevant information from the sample file. Then it utilizes the information to fix other similar videos of the same device.

3. Repair Corrupted Videos From DSLR cameras, Drones, etc

Stellar Repair can fix any corrupt videos from a wide range of capturing devices such as DSLRs, digital cameras, drone cameras, surveillance cameras, Android phones, iPhones, iPad, and others

4. Additional Utility

The app has many utility features, such as fixing codecs, reviewing fixed videos before saving, and aiding safe and secure videos. 

How To Repair MP4 and MOV Videos With Stellar Repair For Video

Stellar Repair for Video is the one-stop destination for MOV and MP4 repair. The application is super easy to use. The interface is elegant and simple, helpful for any novice users.  

1. The first step is to download the application. You can purchase the premium version or use the free trial version to check how it works. When the .exe file downloads, run the file by double-clicking on it. Click Next to continue. Follow the instructions as they appear on the app screen.

Stellar Repair for video installation

2. Click on Install to initiate the installation process. It will take a couple of minutes. 

stellar repair application installation mywindowshub

3. When the installation is done, you will be asked if you want to create a desktop shortcut or a quick launch. Do as you wish. Next launch the application. It looks something like this. First, there is the “Add Files” option. Then, click on it to load the video you want to repair.  

Stellar repair add files how to add files

4. The video is loaded. You can repair multiple videos simultaneously. But to accomplish that, you must have a premium plan. First, however, select the video and click on Repair.

repair video mov mp4 stellar   repair MP4 and MOV

5. Repair process will take some time to complete. You can check the progress of the repair process from the Overall Progress parameter. 

overall progress of repair

6. Finally, the Repair is complete. Click on Save Repaired Files to save all the repaired video files simultaneously. You can click on Preview to check the Previews of individual videos and see if the files have been fixed correctly.

repair process complete

7. Finally, close the Preview dialog box, and click Save Repaired Files. 

Preview repaired video in Repaired files

The application has a free version and some paid versions. You can use the free version to repair your videos but only 20% of a video will be repaired. After the repair is complete, you can save the video only if you have the activation license key. You can find all the premium plans of Stellar Repair for Video here.


Stellar Repair for Video is your go-to application if you want to repair your videos seamlessly and without much hassle. Its friendly user interface, robust security, multi-tasking ability, and efficient repair technologies make it one of the best video repair tools.


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