Have you just switched to Microsoft’s cloud-based platform or used MS Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions for a while? Either way, you’ll need professional advice to streamline the MS Dynamics implementation, unlock the potential of these products, and customize them for your company’s needs. From this article, you’ll learn how to hire MS Dynamics consultants quickly and manage them effectively. 

What Skills MS Dynamics Consultants Should Have

Once you decide to take Dynamic consulting specialists on board, you’ll need to craft the job description and publish it on relevant platforms and LinkedIn. You’ll need to state the essential requirements, role description, and skills. And below is one of the examples of the Hard Skills section in the MS Dynamics engineer’s CV. 

  • C, C#, C++, SQL, Core Java, ADO.NET languages
  • SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL databases
  • Dynamics 365, SharePoint, CRM, ERP, Azure technologies
  • HTML, CSS, XML, jQuery, JSON, JavaScript, Visual Studio, Ajax technologies 
  • MS Dynamics implementation
  • SCRIBE, CRM SDK, Data Migration Manager
  • Ribbon workbench, SSRS, XRM toolbox, Team Explorer.

The following MS Dynamics consultant’s role description section should state the required experience and key responsibilities. Don’t forget to mention your future co-worker’s soft skills and list a couple of benefits your company offers. Here’s a resume sample:

How To Find And Manage MS Dynamics Consultants

Where to Find Reliable MS Dynamics Consultants

By this moment, you probably have created a detailed job description with a brief presentation of your company. The next stage is to make it “go live” and let as many candidates as possible know you’re actively searching for them. And you have several options to do this:

  • Search LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for searching for professionals, and thousands of companies have found their team members using this social network for professionals. You can even unlock more opportunities by subscribing to the Recruiter pack.
  • Explore relevant job boards. In addition to the most famous job portals in your region, try specialized job platforms for techies. Technology and IT job resources such as CrunchBoard, Remote Tech Jobs, Hired, Dice, etc., will help you find the right specialist.  
  • Ask your friends or colleagues. Though it may sound bizarre, word-of-mouth works. And you probably can remember someone who was hired this way. That’s because we usually know more people than it seems, and sometimes they may know the right specialist.
  • Hire external recruiters. If you don’t have an HR team or need to search for a specialist urgently, you can go to recruiting agencies or reliable freelance IT recruiters. They usually have their own lists of candidates ready to start working soon. 
  • Address to staff augmentation companies. This option is for you if you want to make the hiring smooth and cost-effective. That’s because the outsourcing managers will do the candidates’ recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding. And later, they’ll deal with all HR and administrative tasks. 

Cost of Hiring an MS Dynamics Consultant

Having the image of the person you plan to employ is essential, but understanding how much you’ll have to pay for this role is critical. And there are several ways to get MS D365 consultants on board.

  • Employ them. They’ll join your company as corporate workers, and you’ll be paying them payrolls. However, you’ll also need to pay for the working 

place and equipment. 

  • Contract them. Whether you need their advice from time to time or on a project basis, you can agree on an hourly rate. So, you’ll pay the consulting experts for the time worked.
  • Outsource them. Outsourcing will allow you to get the required services for the agreed monthly price. And legally, you won’t be responsible for your staff.

When you consider hiring a Dynamics 365 expert, you’ll want to estimate the cost of the MS Dynamics consulting services. From the table below, you’ll understand the approximate annual payroll of such a specialist hired in different countries. We took the numbers from the Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2020-2021 conducted by Nigel Frank International and the research of our recruiting team (the Ukrainian rate). 

CountryAnnual Salary

As you can see from this table, hiring skilled Microsoft Dynamics consultants from Ukraine is the most cost-effective option. But for a company from the US or Western Europe, contracting Ukrainian specialists with a direct contract can be challenging. That’s when hiring them through a local outsourcing provider will help. Also, check several other benefits of this option: 

How To Find And Manage MS Dynamics Consultants

How to Manage MS Dynamics Consultants

No matter which cooperation approach you choose, your Dynamic consultancy team will need a manager or a team lead. This person will be responsible for setting tasks, meeting deadlines, communicating with C-level executives, and implementing corporate custom solutions. You’ll need to employ the team lead to manage your Dynamics experts for an internal team. 

However, you’ll only need to focus on business tasks if you prefer to save and turn to the outsourcing solution. That’s because the outsourcing model assumes that your provider takes care of all staff-related issues. These include recruiting, onboarding, paying salaries and taxes, submitting reports, formalizing vacations, etc. Once the new members need working space or equipment, the provider’s HR managers will handle these tasks. 

Final Words 

Finding skilled MS Dynamics experts is challenging, but hiring them cost-effectively is also tricky. Luckily, you can free yourself from crafting job descriptions, pre-screening resumes, and conducting interviews. Once you choose to outsource, you won’t need to fulfill any official staff-related and administrative requirements because the provider will do that for you. 


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