Parallels 19 Providing The Best Experience for Windows 11 on Mac

Parallels Desktop is an amazing utility platform that enables operating systems like MacOS to run cross-platform applications and operating systems like Windows and Linux. Last year, a document was released that specified that Windows 11 via Parallels Desktop had been officially recognized by Microsoft.

One year after the launch of Parallels Desktop 18, the next version Parallels Desktop 19 is coming with a range of exciting new features.

Parallels Desktop 19 has come up with a plethora of promising features.

  1. Here’s what’s new with Parallels Desktop 19: The user interface has been revamped and a new refreshing look has been given to the application icons for enhanced smoothness in performance.
  2. Parallels Desktop 19 promises seamless support for macOS Sonoma. This announcement was made during the WWDC 2023 and it is expected that the support will start rolling out by fall 2023.
  3. Parallels Desktop 19 disables PostScript and enables IPP to support printing from Windows app.
  4. Parallels Desktop 19 will also enhance login experience with the help of Touch ID.

“For over 17 years, Parallels Desktop for Mac has been an essential tool for millions of users worldwide, enabling them to run Windows applications and carry out testing and development with Windows, Linux, and macOS virtual machines,” said Aleksandr Sursiakov, Sr. Director of Product Management for Parallels Desktop at Alludo. 

“With the latest release, our talented engineering team has once again delivered impressive improvements for all user groups, based on their valuable feedback. Our aim is to ensure that users experience peace of mind when using our software, knowing that it incorporates the latest technologies and reflects the highest industry standards—demonstrating our genuine care for Parallels users.”


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