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The following tutorial will help you specify Location where all Default Library definition files reside in Windows operating system. if the computer is being used by multiple users and you, Read more »

lockscreen capture

Windows have several methods of capturing screenshots. Windows 10 has a Snipping Tool that lets you capture screenshots along with the conventional PrtSc button but all these can work on Read more »

How to Clear Windows Product Key from Registry in Windows?

Whenever you install Windows in your PC, the product key gets installed in your computer’s registry. Even though, the product in registry can be useful for many purposes, but it Read more »

Bringing back the missing 'Open With' Option in a buggy Windows 10 Build

In Windows operating system, Open With is a very important option in the right click context menu. When you have multiple applications for opening a particular type of file, the Read more »

How to Manage Anti-Malware Boot Start Driver Initialization Policy in Windows 10?

The following tutorial will help you to manage anti-malware boot start driver initialization policy in Windows 10. With the advent of highly efficient anti-malware applications, hackers have become more and Read more »

How to Check BitLocker Drive Encryption Status for Drive in Windows 10?

BitLocker (codenamed Cornerstone and formerly known as Secure Startup) is a full disk encryption feature included with select editions of Windows Vista and later. BitLocker can encrypt the drive in Read more »

Enable and Disable Driver Verifier in Windows 10

Driver Verifier is a utility tool which is used to verify the operability or functionality of Microsoft Drivers or other third party drivers by putting the drivers to extreme stress Read more »

How to Repair Image using DISM in Windows 10 ?

DISM is the acronym for Deployment Imaging and Servicing Management Tool which is used to modify and update certain tools when the Windows Image becomes unavailable. Deployment Imaging and Servicing Read more »

How to Change Feedback Frequency in Windows 10?

Windows 10 asks for Feedback about different new features that come across users from time to time. This feature helps to improve various features of Windows 10 by sending the Read more »

How to Add or Remove Control Panel from This PC in Windows 10?

Control Panel is the one stop for all System Settings of your Windows PC. Unlike Windows 7, the Control Panel is not present in the Start Menu in Windows 10. Read more »