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Windows 10 has been taken good care of, when it comes to protecting your PC from cyber threats. Thus, Microsoft incorporated a built-in comprehensive and on-going security system that can protect your Windows 10 computer from a plethora of threats, including malware, viruses, cybersecurity worms, etc. The components which play a pivotal role in creating strong combat system are the built-in efficient Windows Defender antivirus, Windows Defender security center, Windows firewall, Find My Device, Parental Controls and advanced and frequently updated security settings. Gone are the days when the security provided by the operating system was not reliable. Now, things have changed for the better. In this article, I shall talk about some more security tips that will help you protect your device. 

Enable Bit Locker in Windows OS

One of the most sturdy ways to protect the integrity of your computer is to have your important and confidential information encrypted. Device encryption is mandatory if you keep confidential details on your computer. Windows 10 OS has an in-built encryption system, known as the BitLocker. BitLocker can be used to encrypt and lock any drive on your computer. So, if you any important sensitive information and files, you can keep them in a single drive and encrypt it using BitLocker encryption. Remember, BitLocker function is not available for Windows Home versions. So, if you have a Professional or Enterprise version, you can use the BitLocker Encryption method. 

Use The Local Login Method If Using Shared Device 

As you might be aware that Windows 10 enables users to login to their device using their Microsoft Live account login credentials. You are required to input your Outlook or Microsoft account email address and password for logging into your computer. This method has several benefits, as it acts like a cloud and helps you in managing your files and apps in a better way. But, if the device is used by many other users at your home or in your workplace, then never use our Microsoft account to login. If your Microsoft account is compromised, all your device data can be accessed and vice versa. So, using Microsoft login method is a great idea if you are using a personal computer only used by you. 

Using The Windows Defender

Windows Defender is an efficient, robust and comprehensive antivirus software which comes pre-installed with Windows 10. Windows Defender works 24×7 in the background and continuously scans your Windows 10 computer for any threat. Windows Defender has a versatile Security Center which consolidates a robust suite of features that enhances the user experience in a secured environment. Windows Defender provides real-time cloud-provided protection from malware, spyware, virus, ransomware, etc, Windows Defender is sufficient to protect your device, but if you want you can still opt for a third party antivirus program, depending on the services they are providing. One of the spyware program is BitDefender that can help you track down spyware attacks, if any. 

Use A VPN Service

A VPN Service is now a necessity for all computer users. It encapsulates you data and information in a tunnel and channelizes it from your computer to the destination via a virtual network. VPN protects your devices in ways Antivirus fails due to restrictions in functionality. If you use your Windows 10 device in cafeterias or any other outside places, there are high chances that your computer has connected to the public network. Connection to a public network is a big no for all of us. But even if it does, if you use VPN, you are protected and masked. 

Stop Using Pirated Operating System And Software

Never ever use pirated Windows operating systems. It may look similar or even function normally,  but these pirated versions are cracked versions of the authentic operating system. This significantly alters the source code. This also applies to software applications. Using pirated and cracked versions of software can cause severe security breach, stealing all your personal data. So beware of the ruckus that might happen in your life and always opt for authentic software applications. 

These are the 5 tips you can follow for a secured Windows 10 experience.


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