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Windows PowerShell, in simple words, is a modified version of Command prompt. Windows PowerShell runs PowerShell scripts that digs deep into your operating system and performs several system functions. Any Read more »

The AHCI Link Power Management – HIPM/DIPM power option is a link power management option. This setting enables you you to configure the link power management mode for storage devices Read more »

Once you have VLC player streaming only the part of your screen you want to share, move VLC to the screen your second screen and continue using your desktop.

We know that Windows operating system allows screen projection to a second display. This feature is nothing new and has been a part of Windows since years. The feature is Read more »

Windows can restrict users from opening certain websites, or apps or software if it has Administrative rights. Windows Admin can filter the amount of freedom a user should have and Read more »

While using Windows 10, you must have noticed that there are certain processes that needs to have Administrative rights to operate. For e.g. Command prompt. If you want to use Read more »

Device Guard properties in Windows 10 are a combination of hardware and software settings that together forms a security system to guard your device from running any app other than Read more »

v=How to Turn On or Off to Index Encrypted Files in Windows 10?

Windows operating system uses indexing while searching in order to provide faster and smoother search results. The search index can be customized by users based on file types, extensions, properties, Read more »

Live tiles of applications are thumbnails that appear on the Windows 10 Start Menu. App Tiles can be either static or Live. Static tiles display fixed or default information, e.g. Read more »

Microsoft Edge browser of Windows 10 comes with a hidden flag page which provides several configurations settings. These configuration settings can change the way you are using the browser. If Read more »

The following tutorial will help you to add or remove Console Lock Display off Timeout to Power Options in Windows 10. First let’d know in brief about Console lock display Read more »