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Windows 10 Creators Update is here with new stability features. Windows 10 Creators Update has strongly focussed on ouch screen devices. Hence they have introduced the virtual touchpad in the Read more »

Windows 10 updates are often accompanied by bugs that refrain smooth operation. For example, the Night Light feature was recently rolled out with the Creators Update. The entire update process consumes Read more »

Windows allows an extraordinary freedom to its users when it comes to customizing its user interface. You can do almost any new change to the existing user interface. Human souls Read more »

Microsoft introduced a new method of controlling external monitors from tablets using touchpad buttons or touchpad keyboard buttons. The feature has been introduced with Windows 10 Build no. 14965. This Read more »

How to Disable Number of Badge Notifications on Taskbar Buttons in Windows 10?

Microsoft has brought the Anniversary Update of Windows 10. Out of the several changes being made to the new Operating system, one is the revamped Taskbar properties. Previously, we had Read more »

How to remove the Quick Actions to Show in Windows 10 Action Center?

When you open the Notification Panel or Action Center in Windows 10, there are some Quick Actions options like Tablet Mode, WiFi, Connect, Note, All Settings. By default there are Read more »

How to Turn On or Off Show Color Only On Taskbar in Windows 10?

In Windows 10, the Taskbar, Start Menu and Action Center is transparent with a mild black color. You can change the color of taskbar, Start and Action Center to match Read more »

How to display the open windows from all virtual desktops in Windows 10?

Virtual desktops are very useful while you are multitasking in your PC or laptop. Windows 10 has brought virtual desktop as a built-in feature in Windows 10. If you dealing Read more »

How to enable the hidden dark theme in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a default light theme which can be personalized with a lot of colors. Microsoft has set a Dark Theme which is hidden. The Dark theme can be Read more »

How Customize Icons From The System Tray In Windows 10

Taskbar contains several buttons or items which are of great importance to us. The panel where these icons prevail are known as System tray. The system tray items can be Read more »