In Windows 10, there are some apps that have a ‘run on startup’ option. If you nebale this option, you the apps will automatically start when you boot your computer. You can automate this system for those apps that you frequently use. Windows 10 desktop apps that do not have this facility but if needed itcan be forced to run on startup by adding their shortcut to the Startup folder. The same applies if you want to run UWP apps on startup. For that, you need to create shortcut for Windows UWP Apps.

Steps To Run UWP Apps On Startup On Windows 10

1. There are two ways by which you can run Universal Windows Apps. The first one is creating a desktop shortcut for a UWP app. This is how you can create a desktop shortcut for a UWP App. The app must appear in the App List in the Start Menu. Open the Start Menu and go to the Apps list.

select user

2. Now find out the app for which you want to create a shortcut. We went with Netflix. Drag & drop the app tile onto the desktop to create a shortcut.

select user

3. There is another way by which you can do it. Open File Explorer and paste the following text in the location bar.


select user

4. This will open a list of all apps including the UWP and Win32 apps installed on your computer. Right-click on the app and select the ‘Create shortcut’. You will get a notice that the shortcut cannot be created at that location but on the desktop. Accept the warning.

5. Now comes the second option. Open File Explorer and paste the following in the location bar.


Copy the UWP app shortcut to the startup folder.

That’s all!


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