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choose 30 different DNS for Windows

Switch Between Over 30 Popular DNS Servers in Windows

Most of us are aware of the term Domain Name Servers that is the name assigned to a website. This DNS is provided to...
Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

All about Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.1 (EMET) is planned to assist in blocking hackers from getting entry to your system. Software loopholes and defects...
Group Application using TaskSpace in Windows

How to Group Application using TaskSpace in Windows?

Several of customers who possess some huge screen monitors, or multiple displays setup take for granted the Taskbar space, but it is believed averagely...
Free key loggers for Windows

Top 6 Free key loggers for Windows

A key-logger is something that might be a hardware or a software application which keeps a record of the keys strokes on the keyboard...
Top 5 Best Free Windows Backup Software

[Updated] Top 7 Free Windows Backup Software

Backup the files from computer is always a top priority since there is no guarantee regarding PC health and there is no guarantee about...
Best Free Remote Desktop Access Software

Top 6 Best Free Remote Desktop Access Software

Remote Desktop Access Software offers you to browse any remote desktop by sitting from your own computer. The remote desktop is linked to your...
Windows Secure File Deletion

Top 6 Best Windows Secure File Deletion Software

Removing a file from your computer may be the easiest work to do, but do you know that the file yet subsists on your...
free windows mind mapping software

Top 6 Free Mind Mapping Software For Windows

Mind mapping signifies diagrammatic presentation of thoughts or words. For mind mapping presentation, a word is positioned in center and linked words or jobs...
Best Free DVD Player Software for Windows

Top 6 Best Free DVD Player Software for Windows

In our recent and fast-stepped cosmos, every individual wants to have fun on their tips. Hence, viewing videos and hearing to music in websites...
Top Video Editing Software for Windows

Top 6 Video Editing software for Windows

It has been the primary law of movie-making: irrespective of how costly your camera, or how experienced you are at utilizing it, your origin...

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