Quicktime player is definitely ancient and obsolete for most of the Windows users but there are still some people who still have the app installed in their computers. Those users are requested to uninstall the program immediately. Homeland Security cyber teams had already warned users to remove the program from their computers, if still there. Apple’s software has two severe bugs that can not only ruin your machine but gives full freedom to hackers to attack your machine and access all important and confidential information.

Apple confirms it is no longer supporting Quicktime player for Windows

Apple was contacted for comment and today that company has confirmed that they are no more supporting the video player for Windows PCs.

Here’s what Apple said in its confirmation post:

If you’re using a QuickTime 7 Pro registration key, you might want to save the key before uninstalling QuickTime 7. It’s in the Register tab of QuickTime Player preferences (Edit > Preferences).
If you’re not sure whether a program requires QuickTime, contact the program’s developer. Most recent media-related programs for Windows—including iTunes 10.5 or later—no longer use QuickTime to play modern media formats. These programs either play the media directly or use the media support built into Windows.
Uninstalling QuickTime 7 also removes the legacy QuickTime 7 web plug-in, if present. Websites increasingly use the HTML5 web standard for a better video-playback experience across a wide range of browsers and devices, without additional software or plug-ins. Removing legacy browser plug-ins enhances the security of your PC.

Steps to uninstall:

1.Click the Start icon.
2. Click on settings (Control panel on Windows 7).
3. Click on System (Programs on Windows 7).
4. In Apps and features (Programs and features on Windows 7), go to QuickTime.
5. Select Uninstall.


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