Imgpark is a very light weight easy to use web application for Windows operating system. The main function of ImgPark is to garage multiple images in a clipboard. You can save the images, rotate, resize and clear them very easily. Screenshots can be parked in the same fashion just by tapping the PrtSc key on the desktop keyboard. All the files are stored in the clipboard. You can store as many images as can be stored in your computer’s memory. Imgpark is a temporary garage for parking images which means, unless you save the parked images, they will be erased if you close the application.

1. When you launch the .exe file, the ImgPark open in the form of a small box. You can drag the box to increase/decrease it. Now open any folder of your computer and copy (Ctrl + C) an image. When you open the ImgPark software, the image will show up.

img park

2. In the same way, copy as many images as you want. You can even consider taking screenshots. All the images will be parked. To view all the parked images, right click in an empty space within the Imgpark software window, select Thumb View.

Thumb View

3. You can save parked images, clear parked images, rotate and perform other functions by right clicking and opening the context menu.

Other options

Download: Imgpark


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