IsoBurn is an executable file that helps you to burn ISO files of operating system or other files and convert them into Bootable DVDs. The file is useful and frequently used by us. The easiest way to access it is by adding it to Context Menu or creating a desktop shortcut of the disc burning file . The following tutorial will help you to create a desktop shortcut for Windows operating system.

Steps to Add or Remove IsoBurn Disc Image Desktop Shortcut in Windows 10

1. Right click in an empty space on the desktop and go to New-> Shortcut.

New shortcut

2. Now in the address field type the following text %SystemRoot%\System32\isoburn.exe “%1”. Click Next.

isoburn short

3. The name field will automatically take the name isoburn.exe. If you want, you can change it. Click Finish

isoburn name

4. The desktop shortcut will be created.

shortcut created


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