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Users are always recommended to purchase the genuine versions of Windows to fight piracy and improve your security. There are many ways by which a user can purchase a genuine Read more »

The Reader App came with Windows 8. Although Windows 8 had a lot of imperfections, but Reader app was much appreciated. However, the app has been discontinued by Microsoft on Read more »

Windows 10 has incorporated the autocorrect built-in feature. This option can readily correct misspelled words automatically. The Autocorrect feature of Windows 10 applies to all UWP apps. But remember, the Read more »

As we know, Windows 10 has a feature called Storage Sense. The function of the Storage Sense is to free up space on your computer, mainly the temporary files and Read more »

Software developers are working hard to create innovative and faster software with technologies like ASP tuning, but somehow you don’t have the privilege of speed on your PC. If your Read more »

Whenever there is a new Build in Windows 10, a bug accompanies it. There is a new Build that has come up with the latest Windows 10 Build. The error Read more »

In Windows 10, there are some apps that have a ‘run on startup’ option. If you nebale this option, you the apps will automatically start when you boot your computer. Read more »

Windows 10, like any other operating system allows certain websites to access your computer’s personal information. It is not that Microsoft wants to hack your system or cause any harm Read more »

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Microsoft Office is an excellent suite of applications. However, too few users are really making the most of the applications’ capabilities Read more »

Nowadays a decent PC with good specification comes with a dedicated GPU. This is because, gaming has become an important part of using a computer and that is when the Read more »