While playing Minecraft, players require different types tools and armors. For crafting any wooden armor or tools. While mining, players need a minimum pickaxe. For manufacturing a pickaxe, you need sticks. For breaking down stones or any other object, you will also need stick. Here is a list of things, which requires sticks as base material for manufacture.

Tools like axes, pickaxes, shovels, require sticks and wood planks. Sticks are also required to make weapons like swords and bows. Fishing rods, ladders, fences and rails need sticks for sticks. Ladders are essential for mining and spelunking. Sign marks, banners and planting the sign boards are made from sticks and planks.

Thus, it is clear, sticks are integral building material for a wide variety of materials. In this article, you will learn how to craft Sticks in Minecraft. The steps apply to Minecraft on all platforms including Java Edition on PC, bedrock Edition on PCs and gaming consoles.

Materials Needed To Make Sticks In Minecraft

For manufacturing sticks, you need wood logs. Wood logs come from trees. Different trees have different wooden logs and the type of wooden plank depends on the type of wooden logs. Two planks are used to make four sticks.

How to Craft Sticks in Minecraft?

How to Craft Sticks in M

Here’s how to make sticks in Minecraft:

  1. Firstly, you have to locate a tree.

Next, punch the tree. For punching a tree, these are the key controls

  • PC: Left click
  • Xbox: Right trigger
  • PlayStation: R2
  • Nintendo: ZR

Pick up all the blocks, which fall on the ground.

Next, open crafting menu and place any type of wood log in the crafting menu. The type of plank crafted will match with the type of log placed in the crafting menu.

  • Now, remove the logs from your crafting interface, and place the two planks oriented vertically, with one at the top and the other just immediately below it.
  • Move sticks from the crafting results to your inventory.

That’s all.


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