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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; Microsoft Office is an excellent suite of applications. However, too few users are really making the most of the applications’ capabilities Read more »

How To Export Sticky Notes From Windows 7 To Windows 10?

Sticky Notes are visual notes that are present in both Windows 7 and Windows 10. Sticky notes are virtual notes but has an interface similar to that of an original Read more »

It often happens that we want to type special characters, ligatures and diacritics but we cannot find them on keyboard. There are some keyboard key combinations that can do the Read more »

How To Reset The System Volume On Startup in Windows?

While using PC, we fidget with the system volume buttons and change the volume settings. Now, the problem is that if the volume setting is changed, then it becomes difficult Read more »

Svrf Tabs is a Chrome extension that replaces a normal Chrome tab with a vibrant one which contain 360 degree high definition wallpapers. The background image changes everytime you open Read more »

WinRar is one of the most popular file compression software applications that are currently running in the market. File compression is an essential feature that computer users need to seek Read more »

iPhones are now no longer flawless like it used to be some years ago. iOS versions are coming with bugs and this shows up every now and then. It is Read more »

How To Set A Maximum Volume Limit In Windows?

We all know how painful it feels when we open a webpage and suddenly an advertisement starts playing with a freaking loud noise, especially when we have plugged in our Read more »

Once you have VLC player streaming only the part of your screen you want to share, move VLC to the screen your second screen and continue using your desktop.

We know that Windows operating system allows screen projection to a second display. This feature is nothing new and has been a part of Windows since years. The feature is Read more »

Take a File is a new web application that enables users to transfer files directly via web browsers without downloading the file to immediate server. You can send multiple files Read more »