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When you open your task manager in Windows 10 and you would see something Client Server Runtime Process (csrss.exe) one or more running on. This is an essential processing of Windows. Today we are going to explain the various processes ongoing or running in the Task Manager such as dwm.exe, ctfmon.exe, svchost.exe and many more.

What Do You Mean by Client Server Runtime Process?

The csrss.exe process was once responsible for the management of the entire graphical subsystem before Windows NT 4.0 was released in 1996 that included windows managing, drawing things on screen and other related functions of the OS.

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The csrss.exe is still responsible for some critical functions of windows such as console windows and the shutdown process. CSRSS process until Windows 7 drew the console but from Windows 7 and ahead the conhost.exe draws console windows. However, crsss.exe is still responsible for the required or necessary launching of the conhost.exe process.

Can It Be Disabled?

Since it is one of the crucial parts of Windows, it cannot be disabled. It uses little resources and performs a few critical functions.

If you go to the Task Manager and try to ‘End task’ the Client Server Runtime Process, then you would be informed by Windows that your PC would become unusable and may shut down thus causing you to lose any of your unsaved data. If you still try to somehow terminate this runtime process then you will see a message saying “Access is Denied”. 

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The csrss.exe is a very critical process that is launched when Windows gets started, if it cannot be launched then Windows will blue screen.

Any Possibility of It Being a Virus?

It is absolutely normal and is not any virus neither it provides access for viruses to attack. There could be multiple such processes running with similar names but there is nothing to worry about this as it is verified harmless. For verifying if the Client Server Runtime Process is real or not, right click it in the Task Manager and select “Open File Location”. You should be directed to C:\Windows\System32 that contains the csrss.exe file. We highly advice you not to believe in hoaxes and other fake news that claims it to be harmful or a virus. You can run an antivirus scan to check any infected files and then do the needful. If you are directed to any other file location after selecting “Open File location” then you may have a problem as many malwares disguise as csrss.exe and afterwards cause problems. It is better to run a system scan with your antivirus tool.


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