Since its inception, YouTube has evolved into much more and serves a higher purpose now than simple video-sharing. Of course, sharing videos has its own charm, but that is just one feature of YouTube. There are several other benefits, so all site owners should pay close attention to what I’m going to explain. YouTube acts as a great platform to advertise your sites over the internet. Yes, the very YouTube with home-made cat videos is what could play a major role in boosting your page ranks. Didn’t think of that, did you? Well, let’s dive deeper into the various benefits of YouTube.

1-     Marketing Your Site

All website owners do everything in their power to get high-quality backlinks and to spread the word about their site all around. A well-advertised site has a better chance of making it to the top of search results than others, and YouTube can help you with that. So, create and maintain a good channel and provide links to your site, so that people who like your videos might go to your site, or better yet, download them using, and share them with others.

2-     Increased Traffic

People across the globe use YouTube, so if you have a channel that is worthy of people’s time, you are guaranteed to get a diverse audience. What you need to do is create a high-quality video that relates to what you are selling on your website. If the viewers find that video appealing, they will visit your website. Make sure the content of your video is on topic and interesting. Boring and stale content will never attract viewers. Take your time and research to find out what your target audience wants to see in a video. Your content should be so interesting, captivating, moving, and shocking that it becomes worthy of getting viral.

3-     Up Your Page Rank

YouTube acts as a great platform to advertise your sites over the internet. And since YouTube is a Google venture, it is given precedence over others in Google search rankings. As Google is the most widely-used engine, creating a YouTube channel turns out to be an effective way to search engine optimization.

4-     Free Bandwidth for Videos

Ordinarily, video streaming would cost you a pretty penny. But if you’re using YouTube, money isn’t an issue at all. You can create a channel on YouTube for your videos and embed them onto your website, so you won’t need to buy extra bandwidth for video streaming.

5-     Getting Subscribers

Popular YouTube channels have a devoted mass of subscribers and fan-following. If you’ve got one, then you are definitely on your way to gaining a horde of subscribers. This is good news for people trying to promote their products or services because this affords them a way to expand their customer base.

6-     The Phenomenon

I’m talking about the fact that there is a thing known as the“YouTube phenomenon” where ordinary things become extraordinary and spread like wildfire. So, you need to capitalize on that and come up with creative videos for your channel. Subsequently, all you have to do is upload and wait for the results. It’s not a surprise to see something become popular overnight, thanks to YouTube.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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