Wondershare is a popular name when it comes to providing media solution applications. The company has a wide range of software applications, par excellence and we have reviewed many of them. One of the most versatile and robust applications for video processing is the Unicoverter application.  It can perform a plethora of functions, but here we shall address the query why Wondershare Uniconverter is the best option if you want to compress video and video files. 

In this article, we shall talk about the significant features of Uniconverter and will try our hands out with the app for compressing a video. 

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Why Use Wondershare Uniconverter For Video Compression?

  • Uniconverter can convert a wide range of formats, more than 100, as claimed by the company, with ease and poise. It supports conversion from WebM to MP4, TS to MP4, MP4 to MPEG, and many more. The platform is user-friendly, and the software has been developed in such a way, that it has an enhanced compatibility with a vast range of video formats. So, video compression, if you are looking for, will be very smooth. 
  • Uniconverter has incorporated GPU acceleration, which ameliorates the hardware acceleration of graphics, such as NVIDIA CUDA, NVENC, Intel, etc. Besides, it also implements the high end APEXTRANS technology to aid lossless conversion. All these technologies deploy all the processors of a multi-core device, so that the user can convert the video in a jiffy. In addition, it is important to notice that the app is optimized to perform with all these advanced technologies, so that the compressed video output is lot disruptive or distorted. 
  • Video conversion has become a necessity for all vloggers and bloggers who take active participation in social media. All social media platforms put a restriction on the video size, and so, video compression is important. As you know, each social media platform supports a specific layout and size for videos. Uniconverter enables you to preset and customize the required formats for a hassle-free compression method. 
  • Uniconverter also has a time scheduler, which speeds up the conversion process. 
  • Other than compression, the software provides many other functionalities like basic video editing, conversion from one format to another, change the resolution, bit rate, quality of the videos, burn, transfer, download from social media sites, etc. 

So, now you have a brief idea about Uniconverter and its main promising features. Now, let’s have a quick look on the installation and how the software can be used to compress video files.

Steps To Install And Use Uniconverter To Compress Video Files

Uniconverter is supported on both Windows operating system and macOS. Here, I am trying the application for Windows. For that, download Wondershare Uniconverter, the Windows version. Download the .exe file and run it. This will initiate the installation process. Next, follow some simple instructions and there you are. Now, click on Start Now. 

Why Wondershare Uniconverter Is The Best Solution For Video Compression ?

When the installation is done and you have started using the application, the user interface pops up and it looks like this! There are many menu options available on the app screen. Below is the workspace, where you will be editing and processing the video. 

Why Wondershare Uniconverter Is The Best Solution For Video Compression ?

To compress videos, head over to the Toolbox menu. The Toolbox menu has several options, such as, image converter, GIF Maker, Screen Recorder, fix media metadata, Cast To TV, VR Converter, CD Burner, CD Ripper, Video Compress.  Click on the Video Compress menu located at the center. 

Why Wondershare Uniconverter Is The Best Solution For Video Compression ?

Now browse for the video that you want to compress. Click Open. 

Why Wondershare Uniconverter Is The Best Solution For Video Compression ?

When the video is loaded in the workspace, you will get several customization menus to choose from. For example, compression percentage, the preview of the output video, etc. Customize the settings and simply click Compress.  

Why Wondershare Uniconverter Is The Best Solution For Video Compression ?

The compression will be completed very fast, and you will be redirected to the output file location. That’s all!


The one thing that is very impressive about Uniconverter is that despite the complexity in development and design, the software looks simple and works in the simplest way. From a user point of view, using the application is a pure bliss. Uniconverter is efficient, and keeps its claim to provide lossless video compression. 

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