Most of you, like me, must be having wonderful video game memories. As kids and even young adults, most of the people were/are into video games, and co-op games steal the most attention. Well, what is a game if you don’t play it together? 

Here’s a list of those classic and unforgettable experiences but in their modified versions available to play along with your friends locally or globally. 

Streets of Rage 4

The first three versions of the Streets of Rage were released in the 1990s on Sega Genesis and were a competition to the beat-’em-up genre game River City Ransom. While this version of the game came into the market after almost 25 years and that too from a different developer, it developed to be an improvised version altogether. It adds features that allow you to fight alongside, or against and can be played among four friends locally and globally. This version has also added up deadly new moves to master and classic characters.

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In this version, however, the original electronic dance soundtrack composers Yuzo Koshiro and Hotohiro Kawashima still joined along with a group of guest artists to create the latest soundtrack. 

The Gameplay is smooth even for the complex combos or basic button-mashing. The game characters have been given life in a great hand-drawn style. This game is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows for $24.99.



What everyone loves about the newest version of Doom, is the soundtrack. The slap, as much as it sounds horrifying, you can even feel it on you as well (hypothetically). The new version of Doom came in 2016 and the latest in 2020, named Doom Eternal. Both the versions have multiplayer modes and the Doom Eternal is believed to come up with a feature called “Invasion” which will allow you to control powerful demons and also get into the opponent’s campaign.

The latest version is not essentially a remake and rather a reboot and can be run of any platform. It is the same bloody, demon-slaying adventure, only now you can join in with your friends who can turn into enemies when you play in the deathmatch mode.

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River City Girls

This game is a classic from the year 1989 which involves taking the walk of Alex and Ryan (or Kunio and Riki in Japan) whose girlfriends have been kidnaped by a gang leader named Slick. This game had been famous among many Nintendo users. In 2019, a reversed version of the game came where the girls had to rescue the guys. A lot of many features to add weapons and everything have been added along with a kickass soundtrack that keeps you going. This is available at $29.99 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

Super Mario Maker 2

super mario maker 2

Mario is no unknown name in the game world. Super Mario Maker 2 has everything that the versions of Mario have had while also making it a grand one. There is a huge deal of built-in courses with a Story Mode and easy-to-use toolkit. The whole game, including the building experience, is a co-op and everyone can enjoy it at the same time. 

While this is available for $59.99 on Nintendo Switch, you can still play any of the courses you or others have created without a subscription locally.

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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

The classic games based on Dungeons & Dragons setting was first released in the year 2002. Although several co-op versions have been released ever since the latest one gathers everything into one with graphical improvements keeping in mind all gaming patterns. 

In 2017, the game was released for Windows, Mac, Linux, and, eventually, Android. This, however, cost a little more due to the quality-of-life improvements but was cheaper for Android due to fewer features.

This is available at $49.99 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, at $19.99 for Windows, Mac, or Linux systems through Steam or GOG, and $9.99 for Android. You can enjoy the vibrant fantasy realm with your friends and have a great experience.

If you are a video game player, you already know, there’s no friendship like the one among gamers. It is always either a good story or a great challenge irrespective of the platform or the game or the time of your life.


Ankita Mohanty is a Software Engineer who has the passion for content creation, tech and travel. She believes in that there's nothing in this world that's unachievable when you work hard for it.


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