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Being the best in terms of performance is a big desire for nearly all gamers but another thing they want is to have the best setup. Not only can it help them perform better whether playing by themselves or playing online but it can really improve their comfort zone to make a gaming session feel much more enjoyable.

Personalizing a gaming setup has become a huge deal in recent years as gaming has finally gained legitimacy as a profession and as a sports league. From the professionals to the casuals, these tips can help your gaming setup be a source of envy for friends and foes alike.


Mics, headphones, keyboards, and mousepads are the most popular accessories to go for first when beginning your personalization of your setup. Using a custom mouse pad from can really turn a dull setup into something fun, and can set your setup apart from others. Headphones and mics come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to match the tower or console to make everything work together. 

These personalized accessories are not only meant to be great looking but they are meant to enhance your performance as well. A good mouse and mousepad can increase your response times, adding grips to analog sticks on a console controller can give you more control when your hands get sweaty in an intense game, and mics let you communicate with your team while also looking great.

Hardware Upgrades

First and foremost, to improve a gaming setup you need to consider how well your rig is running. Consoles can only be improved with mostly cosmetic changes but adding extra store space with an external HDD or SSD can give you much needed storage capacity. Consoles can be painted or customized in that sense though which is a really common thing to see when people purchase a limited edition version, but it can be done by yourself with stencils and some paint as long as you protect the vital parts of the console.

For PC gamers, you need to consider if it is a right time to improve things like your storage capacity, your RAM, CPU, motherboard or other crucial components to your performance. While these might not be explicitly personalized changes, they are important moving forward so you do not need to overhaul the expensive parts of your gaming setup after personalizing everything.

An additional change that can be personalized for gaming PC’s is the tower itself. Whether you want to do it yourself with spray paint and stencils or buy one premade you can find a lot of really interesting options. LED lights inside the tower can make your rig look more impressive and they can come with liquid cooling to add both performance and looks for a serious gaming machine or just LED lights for the look. There are a lot of tower shells that are available and can fit most hardware you need too.

Monitors and Chairs

Having the best possible view of the game is going to naturally give you a serious advantage while making your setup look unbeatable. 4K monitors are dropping in price fast as more people switch over to high quality HD viewing formats. Wrap around monitors are also growing in popularity for TV’s and monitors as it creates a unique peripheral experience to feel immersed into the game. Monitors can be painted just like consoles or PC’s to match the look or style you want to go for, just be careful and cover any and all openings as well as the power source and screen itself.

Chairs are also a good mixture of performance and looks. These chairs have vented slots to keep you from getting overheated while also providing the comfort to allow you to sit for a while in a good match without feeling sore. Different colors and styles are obviously available as well. Anything you need can be found in a custom gaming chair. From height, depth, cushioning, material, and whether it is stationary or on rollers are all possibilities.

How to Personalize Your Gaming Setup? | MyWindowsHub

Personalizing your gaming setup is about two things; performance and looks. The changes you can make to your whole setup will be able to incorporate these ideas in a great way. Being comfortable and enjoying how your gaming setup looks like while also being able to play better is why it is so important to consider making some overhauls to your setup and start experiencing how the pros do it.


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