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The following tutorial will help you to add any option you want to Windows 10 Context menu.

The following tutorial will help you to add any option you want to Windows 10 Context menu. Steps to Add or Remove Options from Context Menus in Windows 1. Press Read more »

Windows 10 now allows you to request for Android apps to developers

Windows 10 Build 14356 has included a new feature where users will be able to sync Android notifications with their PCs. Now the interesting thing is that the new build Read more »

How To Fix Stuck Downloads In The Windows Store App?

While installing apps from Windows Store, we often face that the download progress is stuck somewhere in between. No matter how many times you close and open the Store, or Read more »

Which all Updates should be Uninstalled To Block Windows 10

Windows 10 is definitely emerging as a refined and powerful operating system. But since it’s still being polished and ameliorated, Microsoft pushes Insider Builds and new update Builds to users. Read more »

MS Office Theme

MS Office 2013 has brought about several new features along with the polished versions of the already existing features. The new MS Office 2013 has a default theme, a background Read more »

How to bypass MS Word 2013 Start Screen and open blank documents

MS Office 2013 is one of the most appreciated Office suite ever launched by any company. The Office Suite 2013 is full of new features and when you first launch Read more »

How to Reset Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

Internet Explorer is very much there in Windows 10. Even though, it’s not frequently used and has been replaced by Microsoft Edge, IE is present in Windows 10. If you Read more »

How to Import and Export Bookmarks via HTML in Mozilla Firefox?

The following tutorial will help you to export bookmarks via HTML file in Firebox browser. This method is helpful in backing up your Firefox bookmarks so that you can export Read more »

How to Set a Custom URL for New Tabs in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular search engines across the world and is used by a huge number of users. The browser provides you the freedom to choose Read more »


Time and Date format can be classified into several conventions. Your computer will follow one convention based on the region you have selected. Suppose you have selected United States as Read more »