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missile delayed by windows 8

North Korean Missile Test Delayed by WINDOWS 8

News about the delay of missile test of Korean Military has been circulating with the speed of light and the most serious issue is...
Dell XPS 12

Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook

Here is another Windows 8 gadget the Dell XPS 12 Convertible Ultrabook. In previous news posts you have read about the functionality of a...
Windows 8 apps update

Windows Unveils Much Needed Updates to Mail, Calendar, and People Apps

On Tuesday, March 26, Windows users across the world shared a long sigh of relief as the company finally released an update to the...
save money with windows 8

How Windows 8 can Help you Save Money?

Windows 8 has undoubtedly made an impact on the computing world, with everything from the most basic netbook to the very best ultrabook on...
Lenovo Shop

St. Patrick’s Day Sales to Boost Windows 8 Adoption Rate

Analysts predicting a surge in Windows 8 hardware sales in the second half of 2013 may well see the first evidence of the truth...
live, work, and play with microsoft

LIVE, WORK, PLAY- The Future World Through Microsoft Eyes

Dreams are getting new horizon in the eyes of Microsoft. Yes, with the magical combination of small mobile and a giant interactive screen, future...
mozilla firefox for windows 8

Mozilla released Modern UI Firefox for Windows 8 into Nightly channel

As with time we are slowly getting used to the unconventional newest version of Windows, that's the Windows 8, we are well aware about...
lenovo yoga convertible ultrabook

Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 13 – Convertible Ultrabook with Windows 8

Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 13 is another convertible Ultrabook that runs Windows 8 OS. The elegance of a convertible Ultrabook with the sophistication of...
sprint with htc and samsung

Sprint to launch Windows 8 Phones with HTC and Samsung

Sprint is finally going to launch Windows 8 Phones which are hopefully to become among the flagships of leading Windows 8 phones. Sprint Windows...
latitude 10 by dell

Dell Latitude 10 Windows 8 Tablet

Dell Latitude 10 tablet has emerged to be an alternative to Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface pro tablet. Powered by Intel Dual Core Atom...

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