The launch of Windows 8.1 brought with it many new features and a whole new User Interface for the new version of Windows Store. This new kind of Store is more compatible to the user and offers more assistance in searching and downloading applications in your Windows 8 gadgets./p>

Windows Store got 1.7 Million Downloads

The number of apps download shoot up with the speed of rocket and hit an average 1.7 million apps downloads per day in October only. The official launch of the Facebook app added up a cherry on the cake. In a single month, 51,152,284 apps were downloaded from the Store, out of which 49,796,691 were free apps and only 1,355,593 were paid applications. The information Microsoft provides to the developers tells that the market of apps for both Windows 8 and 8.1 has sprang up 38.56% since June. But still Microsoft has found no ultimate reason for rejoice as despite its remarkable growth it still lags behind Apple by several milestones.

Hence Microsoft has become very conscious about its strategy and has classified all the data set on month basis as well as by classifying app download by free and paid. Several surveys are being made by every company and a strong source informs that till now Microsoft is showing persistent growth if we neglect some internal variance. Microsoft cover a large domain which includes smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops and PCs or in other words Microsoft has been a dominating flagship in the PC market. So comparing between iOS and Windows in this platform may not be logical.
Windows phone market has been flourishing to a great extent and combining all markets of Windows, the net apps downloads may reach 300 million per month, but yet it’s still one-seventh of Apple’s only App Store-only download rates. So yet a large to be achieved by Microsoft.


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