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Svrf Tabs is a Chrome extension that replaces a normal Chrome tab with a vibrant one which contain 360 degree high definition wallpapers. The background image changes everytime you open Read more »

Last month some media channel started spreading news that Microsoft is killing its cmd.exe or Command Prompt in all of its upcoming updates. No sooner did the news spread, than Read more »

iPhones are now no longer flawless like it used to be some years ago. iOS are coming with bugs and this shows up every now and then. It is somehow Read more »

How To Set A Maximum Volume Limit In Windows?

We all know how painful it feels when we open a webpage and suddenly an advertisement starts playing with a freaking loud noise, especially when we have plugged in our Read more »

Take a File is a new web application that enables users to transfer files directly via web browsers without downloading the file to immediate server. You can send multiple files Read more »

Microsoft is celebrating the Computer Science Education Week and has put forward their new goals of blending research with women empowerment. The Redmond based tech giant has talked about the Read more »

Modern desktop browsers have included a new option in their right click context menu which enables the search entries to be directly transferred to the mentioned search engine. Google search Read more »

Microsoft introduces the new Windows Insider MVP Program

Microsoft announced about the Linux Bash during the Build 2016 event. They said that “This is not a VM. This is not cross-compiled tools. This is native. We’ve partnered with Read more »

Windows 10 now allows you to request for Android apps to developers

Windows 10 Build 14356 has included a new feature where users will be able to sync Android notifications with their PCs. Now the interesting thing is that the new build Read more »

MS Word 2016: Creating Master Document and Sub documents

In Microsoft Word 2016, if you are typing huge documents, then often a good way of arranging your text and its sub documents is creating a master document. Under master Read more »