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Windows OS and most of the major platforms design their posinting devices as per the convenience of right handed people. It’s not that people who are comfortable using their left Read more »

How to Automatically make the Last Used Printer the Default One In Windows 10?

Windows operating system supports connectivity with multiple printers and that’s not a new thing to discuss. Out of the multiple printers, one is the default printer and the default printer Read more »

How to use Mono Audio channel to improve sound quality while using a single earbud in Windows

We all love to listen music while working. But while working, we prefer to use a single earbud instead of both, to avoid complete distraction. If you normally listen to Read more »

Create a New Pool and Storage Space in Windows 8.1

In order to create a new pool and storage space first thing to do is to log in as administrator and then follow the upcoming steps. Storage spaces are virtual Read more »

Generate a Battery Usage Report in Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

The Windows 8 battery usage report will assist you to gain knowledge additional info regarding the usage, health, and life estimates of your system’s battery. This article will demonstrate you Read more »

Load SATA Drivers in Windows 8 System

Serial ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) also known as SATA, is a computer bus interface that links HBA’s to external storage devices for example hard drives and optical drives. Serial ATA Read more »

Create and Attach a VHD or VHDX File in Windows 8.1

VHD is a file format which is the acronym for Virtual Hard Disk which produces virtual drives which has the same functionality of the physical hard drives like disk portioning Read more »

Identify Which Hardware Component is Failing in Your Computer

Closing on a note that your computer possesses a hardware problem is merely the primary step. If you’re going with a hardware problem and not a software problem, the next Read more »

Disable Driver Signature Verification on 64-Bit Windows 8 /Windows 8.1

In 64 bit computers the drivers used have to be digitally signed. Digital signature is a special security mark on a driver or a document that preserves the authenticity of Read more »

print from windows 8.1

Printing in Windows 8 or 8.1 from the Start Screen Apps of Windows 8 has confused a lot of users. Printing by conventional method does not work for Start Screen Read more »