You may have heard a lot about computers and have decided to buy one for yourself, for work or even for fun, but for the joy of not ending early, this article will help you choose the PC that best suits your needs.

A computer is basically composed of:
– monitor;
– Cabinet (which is the “computer” itself!);
– Keyboard and mouse

Choosing a Monitor

Monitor is a device that comes with the PC, is similar to a television that only digital quality and suitable for computer, it is through him that you can watch movies, view your photos and browse the websites. The most common are 15-inch monitors, but gamers, who are regulars, prefer 17-inch monitors, which are better for gaming because they are bigger. Image quality is defined by the monitor in conjunction with the graphics card. It’s no use having a powerful graphics card if you have a monitor that doesn’t support high resolutions.

When we talk about resolution what we mean is the quality of the images that will be displayed. The monitor divides the screen into several small dots we call a pixel, each pixel in turn made up of three dots: green, red and blue. Each of these dots is capable of displaying 256 different shades, combining shades of the three different dots can display around 16 million colors. The amount of “pixels” a monitor can display we call resolution, the higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the images. A monitor that supports 800×600 resolution displays 480,000 pixels, which supports 1024 x 768 displays 786,000 pixels, and so on, these are the most common resolutions.


Many call it the CPU enclosure, and this name is actually the full name of the processor (Central Processing Unit). There are two types of cabinets, tower type (standing) and desktop type (lying). Its only function is to protect the components inside it.

Inside the case are the following components:

– processor;
– Motherboard;
– Video card;
– RAM memory;
– Hard Disk or HD;
– Fax / MODEM Card;
– Network card
– Sound card;
– Floppy drive reader;
– CD-ROM reader drive;

Keyboard and Mouse

It is the devices that tell the computer what you want it to do, with the keyboard you can type text and other things, the mouse makes some things easier like opening programs and others. There are special keyboards, which come with action keys, for example, a button that when pressed opens your email reader with a new email for you, buttons that turn off your computer, etc.

There are two types of mouse, the Roll Over that has a ball underneath and the optics that use a red laser to move the cursor (the little arrow). Roll Over needs constant internal cleaning but has an advantage, “broke can be fixed”, while opticians do not need constant maintenance but when they break the repair can cost the price of a new one. Mouse and keyboards are usually the cheapest parts of a computer.

Where to buy your PC

Of course the PC stores. But if you want a more powerful video card or a bigger HD you have to buy it separately. Buying wholesale computer parts is a good idea. But if you don’t care so much, just look at the setting you like best and buy it. An alternative is the specialist computer stores where you can make a list of the devices you want and they mount it for you and most do not charge for mounting and configuration.



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