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Windows operating system can detect all those WiFi networks that are active in your vicinity. The Wi-Fi networks will be visible but your computer will be connected to only that Read more »

You must have heard the typical pop up sound whenever the PC fails to connect to another device,in Windows 10 computer. Windows 10 allows you to change several notification sounds Read more »

disk drill

We know that data is really precious to us. Gone are the times when most of the work was done manually and computer was meant for learning and research purpose Read more »

How To Export Sticky Notes From Windows 7 To Windows 10?

Sticky Notes are visual notes that are present in both Windows 7 and Windows 10. Sticky notes are virtual notes but has an interface similar to that of an original Read more »

Windows 10 notifications are great helping hand for you indeed and they notify you about each and every single event taking place on your Windows 10 PC. The notifications keep Read more »

Microsoft pays $10,000 after an auto Windows update ruined a user's machine

Sometimes you may need to fresh install your operating system for some reasons or the other. In that case, all the apps running on the computers will be erased. If Read more »

Steam is an in-game web browser which is popular among game lovers. Steam is a platform for game addicts where they can play games in a game-friendly environment with over Read more »

HP has made a big announcement today where it claimed that it is reinventing retail with its brand new device- the ElitePOS. The rejuvenation of retail industry with the new Read more »

Microsoft has announced that the Windows Subsystem for Linux is finally leaving the Beta version. The Windows Subsystem for Linux is going to be a fully supported feature in the Read more »

Microsoft has adumbrated a new plan to assist their customers to buy Windows 10 PCs. The new service will take care of the needs and preferences of the customers and Read more »