Music is probably one of mankind’s most fascinating creations. The right tunes can perk you right up, increase your productivity, and improve your mood. Life is simply sweeter with a soundtrack. Being able to play your music anywhere, at anytime is invaluable.

Most people today have computers and mobile phones. Naturally, many people want to stream music from PC to Android devices for a variety of reasons. Oddly enough, there’s no built-in way to accomplish that.

Fortunately, third-party apps like SoundWire Server allow users to seamlessly stream music from PC to Android without a hiccup.

How to Stream Music From PC to Android Using SoundWire

Using the SoundWire app & SoundWire Server to stream music from PC to Android devices is effortless. Simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Get the SoundWire App

The first step is to download the SoundWire app on your phone. Take your Android device and open the Google Play Store. Search for “SoundWire,” and tap on the app developed by GeorgieLabs.

Download and install the app on your phone or tablet. Once that’s taken care of, tap the app on your phone or tablet. You’ll see a Server field and a Connect button. You’ll need these later. For now, set your device aside and head on over to Step 2.

Stream Music From PC to Android

Step 2: Set up SoundWire Server

Next, download SoundWire Server on the computer that you want to stream music from. There are versions of the server app for both Windows and Linux machines. When the download is complete, start the installation process. Linux users can find instructions in the README file.

Make sure you click on “yes” when the system prompts you to allow access through your firewall. Choose both public and private networks. Finally, open the SoundWire Server.

Stream Music From PC to Android

Step 3: Connect your PC to your Android device

Inside the SoundWire Server, you’ll see a Server Address, right above the current Status. Choose an input, in case you have several audio sources in your PC.

Next, go back to the SoundWire app on your phone and enter the Server Address. Click on the Connect button, and wait for the magic to happen. Alternatively, you can simply tap the coiled wire icon in the Android app to auto-locate the server on your network.

Stream Music From PC to Android

Step 4: Start streaming music from your PC to your Android!

When the Status field in the SoundWire Server app says “Connected,” you’re good to go. Hit play on your favorite music player and take the tunes with you around the house.

A final pro-tip: if you combine SoundWire with an Android remote control app, you’ll be able to control your music from your phone.

Stream Music From PC to Android

Music on the go

Using SoundWire, taking your music with you wherever you are is easier than ever. Having your soundtrack with you at all times can make life a little bit sweeter.



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