Notepad is the oldest text editor for Windows operating system. Thus, it has a limited set of features, which are very basic. Yet, notepad has not lost its importance. However, Notepad has added some new helpful features, and one of them is searching text from Notepad with Bing. This feature is called Search with Bing. Even if your default browser has been changed from Microsoft Edge to something else, using the Search with Bing option will redirect you to Microsoft Edge browser.

In this article, I will show you how to search from Notepad application with Bing on Windows 10.

Step To Search From Notepad Application With Bing On Windows 10

The process is very simple. There are three ways by which you can do it.

Method 1. Highlight the text or select the portion of the text you want to search with Bing. Press Ctrl+E key combination on your keyboard.

Method 2. Highlight the text, right click and go to Search with Bing.

How To Search From Notepad Application With Bing On Windows 10?

Method 3. Highlight the text, click on Edit and click on Search with Bing.

That’s all. You will be redirected to Microsoft Edge browser, even if your default browser is not Microsoft Edge.


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