Notepad is the oldest text editor for Windows operating system. Thus, it has a limited set of features, which are very basic. Yet, notepad has not lost its importance. Notepad is the default text editor for any Windows operating system along with wordpad. But as it lacks feature, people shift their focus entirely to Microsoft Office tools, or online Text Editors. With Notepad, users do not have the liberty to do a lot of things, thus they may often Notepad.

However, if you cannot find Notepad on your Windows 10 PC, chances are someone else has installed it. Whatever be the reason, check out the steps below to know how to get Notepad on Windows 10.

How Do I Get Notepad On Windows 10?

1. Open Windows search panel, type Microsoft Store and select the application from the search result.

How Do I Get Notepad On Windows 10?

2. In the top right corner of the Microsoft Store app page, there is a Search panel. Type Windows Notepad and hit Enter.

How Do I Get Notepad On Windows 10?

3. From the search results, choose Windows Notepad. Check if the application has been developed by Microsoft Corporation. If not, then it is not the authentic Windows Notepad. After confirmation, click on Get.

How Do I Get Notepad On Windows 10?

4. After installation, click on Launch and get back Notepad. As simple as that.

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