On the 19th of June 2020, the reel life Bilbo Baggins of The Lord of the Rings movies and Frodo Baggins as in BBC radio version died at the age of 88. Sir Ian Holm had thereafter been honored by the players all across the world from various servers in The Lord of the Rings Online in parts in the map. While some met at the Baggins’ home of Bag End and the others walked to Rivendell as a sign of tribute.

Redditor RoadrageWorker on the Belegaer server said that they had gathered in front of Bag End and had some sort of firework-involved tribute which was disliked by Lobelia. And added on that there was music and mourning and prayed for Ian a godspeed on his last ride. In the Laurelin server ‘as_sudo_rm_onering’ said “My understanding is it basically broke the whole Shire during the gathering lol. And I couldn’t be more approving.”

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The Baggins’ Birthday quest has been made playable until June 23 by Standing Stone Games, the developer of The Lord of the Rings Online. The Spring Festival would also be running until June 29 and so is back.

Sir Ian Holm had not only been legendary in his role as Bilbo Baggins but also for the others in other films that include Alien, Brazil, Chariot of Fire. He was also honored by Peter Jackson as he shared some sweet memories of working with Ian in The Lord of the Rings on Facebook.

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