Some people are happy with their job but sad that it does not cover all their bills. If someone uses a lot of energy at work, the last thing they will want to do is stack shelves in a shop every evening. Fortunately, technology has brought a host of possibilities to our doorsteps. Imagine making money from your living room. That’s what this article is all about. 

How To Make a Secondary Income from Your Online Business?

Your Website

A lot of people have websites these days, and that can be a valuable asset. When thinking about monetizing your website, the experts believe there are at least fourteen ways to achieve this. Two of them are using Google Adsense and other ad networks. There are also a number of possibilities worth considering in order to gain traffic to your site and to generate a side income. Shopify helps people create an online store. They have to pay for this facility, but it can be exciting when the sales start coming in for the products.

Dropshipping is another thing that can be done with a website. You may not have any products to sell but you can advertise someone else’s. The commission is then paid for any sales that are made. 

Self Publishing

A lot of people fancy writing a book. It is possible to do it yourself on Amazon. The beauty is that you don’t have to get a publisher, pay to create a book, or have your own audience. The more successful a book becomes, the more Amazon will promote it for free. It’s in their interest for you to succeed, remember. If a person creates a paperback, it’s easy enough to adapt it for a kindle version too. Additional money can be made by putting it in the Kindle Unlimited program. People who pay Amazon each month for this can access a host of books, including yours. There are giveaway campaigns and countdown deals a person can create very easily for their books. They are all proven strategies to kickstart some interest and financial activity. 


How To Make a Secondary Income from Your Online Business?

If a person writes posts daily on Facebook, then why should they not start blogging on their website? If it becomes popular enough, people can start to make money from it. Traffic to your website can be generated to advertise your own products. If someone doesn’t have a website, it’s ok – they can just blog on someone else’s! One example is People can put your articles there for free. They can go behind a paywall, and some of the subscription money people pay can come to you each month if they read your articles. 


Someone may have been blogging about their passion or specialist subject. If they are good at buying and selling certain things, why not try eBay? If a person can buy things cheaper than they are worth, they could try their hand at selling online here. It’s simple enough to do. The number of people who use eBay speaks for itself. 


Lots of people don’t want to learn from books. They want to watch videos. If a person can produce funny videos or tutorials about something they are passionate about, this could be a golden opportunity? Lots of entrepreneurs offer free video resources. They get paid by Youtube if they have enough people watching on a regular basis, through advertising. If someone wrote a book, they could create some training videos on how to do this. You can advertise your own website and books at the end. Create a Youtube channel. If people enjoy the videos enough, they can subscribe to see them each time new ones are made. 


There are lots of sites for this, like Udemy. People pay to use online courses that contain text, video, and photos. There might be several modules, and chances to answer appraisal questions as you go.  People can monitor their progress and perhaps gain a qualification at the end. If you know a lot about something, why not give this a try? It can be relatively inexpensive to do. 

Arts and Crafts

If someone likes to draw and design things or create cartoons, they could upload these to sites like Zazzle or Redbubble. It doesn’t cost anything to do this. Using their websites, your products can be seen by their audience. In return they take commission from any sales that are made. Whilst the commission can be quite small (as for sites like, the products can be making money on an ongoing basis. Passive income is a beautiful word. It means that while a person sleeps, someone may be going to Zazzle and buying a T-shirt with your design on, or buying a card or mug with something you drew. 

To summarise, think about what resources you have and what you enjoy or are passionate about. That could be anything from writing to art or music. Some people could sell things online or train or entertain people. Others have products they can sell, or decide to advertise for someone else. There are so many channels available, and people can choose the one that fits them best. 



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