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Microsoft has recently filed a patent for incorporating new set of intelligence in Cortana. Cortana is the artificial intelligence assistant of Microsoft, usually supported on Windows based devices. Cortana is also available for other platforms. Microsoft has worked on a new project, which aims to simplify the communication between Cortana and the user. For this, Microsoft is trying to impart intelligence in Cortana, in reading messages. From the image above, you can understand that Cortana voice assistant is telling the woman, that she has an email from her boss, an email about her flight tickets and a text message asking for resume.

These three examples imply that the new intelligence will delve deep into the incoming messages and emails, interprete them and present to you in a more communicative manner, rather than just reading out loud.

So, Cortana will read the messages, analyze which email or text is important and deserves priority above others. The intruguing aspect, you might have missed out is that Cortana says that the email is from her boss. This means, Cortana will have this intelligence to determine, which person might be her boss.

According to the patent filed, the smart communication of Cortana will read the messages, gather an insight of the message, and present the gist of the message to user and not just read out the messages. The messages are from different message sources like text message and email. Cortana will employ AI operation tools to analyze the messages, generate a score for each message based on the data, meaning, importance, etc. A speech summary is finally generated which is sent to the user via the speaker of the gadget, she is using. The audio interface enables the user to further request to Cortana for additional information about the messages.


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