LG Bringing First Indoor Vegetable Cultivator At CES 2020

CES 2020 is just a week away! Consumer Electronics Show 2020 will showcase many amazing gadgets and electronic goods and LG has always been a showstopper at CES every year. This year, LG is up with another intriguing project, the first indoor vegetable cultivator. This indoor gardening appliance will let you grow your own garden inside your home.

Indoor gardening is flourishing gradually, and at such a time, an indoor gardening cultivator is a delicious icing on the cake. The indoor cultivator is a column type appliance, quite similar to a refrigerator in appearance. This gadget deploys advanced light, regulated temperature and water control, all that are required for growing plants. In addition to this, LG will bring an all-in-one seed package which comprises of seeds of various herbs and plants that can be grown inside home (e.g. lettuce, arugula, chicory and basil), fertilizers, peat moss and so on.

Consumers can use a growth monitoring app for keeping track of the growth of the seeds and plants, inside the cultivator. The seeds are mostly of edible vegetables, herbs, that can be grown inside home. The main principle of the indoor vegetable cultivator is to re-create an ambient outdoor environment inside the gadget, with the help of insulated cabinets, inside which temperature is controlled and varied throughout the day. The variation of temperature is in sync with the outdoor temperature. The growth of seeds and plants are leveraged with the help of LED lights, forced air ciculation, wick-based water management, etc.

Another important technology, which has been applied here, is the non-circulating water supply technology, which is a smart technology and it can decide which plant requires how much water. The ambient temperature protects the seeds and plants from algal growth, odors, fungus, etc. Such an amazing appliance, isn’t it?

If you are planning to visit this beautiful utility appliance, then participate in CES 2020 at booth #11100 in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center


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