intel ces 2020

The Consumer Electronics Show 2020 will conduct from January 7, 2020. Like every year, this year also technology titans will bring a plethora of consumer electronic goods and electronic gadgets. Intel has something very interesting to offer, which will essentially bring quieter laptops with thinner body. Intel is reportedly incorporating advanced cooling technology in all upcoming laptops, which will equip the devices to better heat dissipation. The advanced cooling solution will deploy graphite sheet and vapor chambors, which will make the devices cooler compared to their predecessors.

The function of graphite sheets and vapour chambers is to take the temperature down. Previously, thermal modules placed inside laptops dissipated heat which ultimately got stuck between keybpard and exterior shell. As a result, the bottom the laptops became overheated. To mitigate the heating effect, we often used an additional laptop stand with fans. But with advanced cooling solution, the heat will be transferred from the back of the screen, which is a better alternative in every aspect.

This project of Intel is called Project Athena Initiative, and the project aims to improve cooling of laptops by 30 per cent, thus getting rid of hefty cooling fans and making way for thinner laptops. Vapor chambers and graphic sheets will plan an indelible role in gaming laptops which produce huge amount of heat.

Now coming to the most interesting aspect of this project! Laptop manufacturers will have to re-design the hinges of the laptops. Because, graphite sheets will make their way from the bottom of the laptop to the back of the screen, for heat transfer. An amelioration in the design of the devices is highly coveted.


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