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If you are in the market for a new gaming pc, you may have come up against one of the most common questions; do you choose windows or mac? It seems that the internet is awash with people offering their advice, but there is no common agreement on which system is best for gamers. Here we look at which is system is better for gamers, for upgrades and for price.

Benefits Of Using A Mac

Baseline Macs are known to be quality pieces of equipment that pack in as much computing power as possible into a small shell. When you look at the specifications of pro series, they’re processor power is often the highest available as standard. You do also have the ability to upgrade some aspects of the machine when you purchase it, but the upgrades are more expensive than comparative PC upgrades. The higher end macs also come with a retina display as standard, which is a higher picture quality than most standard gaming laptops.

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Benefits Of Using A PC For Gaming

As we have already established, to get a top of the line Mac that can handle gaming to a decent level is expensive, whereas you can pick up a $400 gaming PC and be happy with the results. What makes PC’s better than Macs is the range of upgrades you can get for a lot less money. As the market is so heavily saturated with products, there is an array of competitors vying to sell their products, so the prices are vastly reduced.

Game Optimisation

Gaming on PC’s goes back for decades and you can see this through the expansive back catalogue from developers. You would be forgiven to think that PC’s offer the only viable hardware to game on, however, Apple have been optimising their machines to become more adept at game play over the last few years. They are already excellent at optimisation of their current hardware and systems, and now they are trying to make a real dent in the gaming industry.

The only thing is, developers have been working with PC for so long, there is no real benefit to develop them for a Mac when the market is so large. On stream you can find around 7000 games for a Mac, whereas there 22,000 available for PC. The tide will slowly change to incorporate more games that are optimised for the OSX platform, but this won’t happen overnight.

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If you use a top of the line Mac, you would be familiar with the retina display. They are gorgeous to look at have a quick resolution rate to make the frame changes almost seamless. When you are comparing the cost of the Mac to a PC, does the higher price and better screen seem worth it? We don’t think so.


Whilst the higher end Macs come with an exceptional integrated graphics card and a well optimised CPU, the money that you need to spend out to get this is far more than what you would spend on a PC and then upgrade. When you buy a mac, you are buying the name and the look of the laptop or desktop rather than the internals and the function. You will get better value for money when you buy a PC.

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You can also future proof a PC, which is something you can’t do with a mac (to the same level at least) PC’s are more modular in nature, so you can take them apart and increase speed, memory of other components at will. With Mac’s you can build it when you first buy it, but the market is far smaller for any upgrades past this point.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that Apple produce top of the range laptops when it comes to their MacBook Pro’s and their Mac desktop and they have been moving towards gaming over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean they are there yet. You will still be paying a premium rate for a system that isn’t as well optimised for game play as PC’s and you are also left with a poorer selection of games. Give it a few more years and the story might be different, but for now, save your money and buy a gaming PC instead.


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