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Getting into a top college is a dream come true for many students, and their parents. Although it means extra work to prove that you deserve a place among the cream of the crop for your chosen field, securing your position in a leading school could also mean that you have a better chance of getting the job of your dreams one day in the future. The question is, how do you get into the facility that you so desperately want to attend? You know you have to do your best on your tests and maintain a good grade average. But beyond applying for the right student loan to ensure that you can afford your classes, and putting more time into your study, what other strategies do you need to consider?

Work on Your Grades

A lot of students believe that the only thing that really matters on a college application is their grades. While there are other things that you’ll need to work on, having the right commitment to your studies is key. Showing the college that you’re applying for that you’ve worked hard to maintain the best possible grades throughout all four years of high school will convince them that you’re the kind of student they want to have around. If you’re worried about falling behind at the point when you need to take your SAT or ACT, consider practicing the test in advance. You can find demo tests online that will make you more familiar with the kind of materials covered. 

Prove your Character

One thing that many students don’t realize is that the best schools aren’t just looking for the smartest people – they’re also searching for those with the best strength of character. Showing your college that you’re willing to work hard to achieve your goals, and help others is a great way to boost your chances of getting accepted. When writing your college essays, try to focus on discussing things that you’ve done that highlight how much of a good person you are. Discuss the times that you’ve spent volunteering, or the effort you’ve put into leadership roles. If you can’t think what to write about in your essay, consider discussing your options with school counselors and teachers that know you well. 

Be Involved in School

Finally, remember that there’s more to making an impact in your school years than taking all the right classes. Having a positive selection of extracurricular activities to discuss in your college essay will give you a better chance of success too. Find clubs that you can sign up for that will teach you more about how to thrive in your chosen classes. Alternatively, if you can’t find clubs and groups that are suitable for you, consider creating your own. Getting involved in after—school activities will also give you bonus chances to get recommendations from a wider selection of school counselors, teachers, and other peers. Th more shining reports you have from reputable people, the better your application will look.



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