Online threats exist in various forms today, but amongst them all, ransomware is the worst hands down. While malware may damage some files, and adware can simply make your Internet-surfing experience bothersome, almost all of them can easily be dealt with any decent computer security (or antivirus) program. In fact, in most cases, even a built-in program such as Windows Defender or some other free antivirus should do just fine. But ransomware? That’s a whole different ball game.

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A ransomware program locks your important files in a computer with powerful encryption. The cybercriminal behind the attack then demands a ransom if you want this encryption removed and get access to the files. The attackers often want the payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Altcoin so that they can’t be tracked by the authorities. This raises the question- how do you protect yourself from these attacks? The answer is online backups!

Understanding the Risk-Factor of Ransomware

According to a 2016 survey from Osterman Research, 41% of the participating organizations had suffered at least one ransomware attack within a year. Another report by Symantec shows that there were over 56,000 ransomware infections in March 2016 alone!

There is no denying that ransomware has become a huge problem for individuals and companies around the world. Since these malicious programs are smart enough to trick some of the most advanced computer security software and mechanisms, IT experts are struggling to come up with the perfect solution. 

Are Antivirus Programs any Good?

There are all kinds of antivirus software on the Internet, but few of them are strong enough for some of the most advanced ransomware programs that exist online. If your data is important, then you should definitely invest in the best antivirus for Windows that can offer web and email security, real-time protection, anti-phishing and anti-fraud measures, etc. It may prevent a large number of ransomware attacks.

How do Backups Help?

It doesn’t matter how great your security system is, you can’t take chances with cyber-attacks, especially when they involve ransomware. The only foolproof solution is online backups or cloud backups.

Cloud storage solutions have become quite popular lately. They are used by both individuals and business owners across the globe. However, if you want the best service and high reliability, then you can join hands with an MSP. There are many services providers in the industry today and you can sign an agreement with the one that meets your budget and requirements perfectly.

Compared to general cloud service providers like Google and Microsoft, MSPs offer personalized services. They can protect your data from a variety of online attacks by implementing advanced disaster recovery solutions. Although they might cost more, the benefits you get are worth it. Besides, you can’t take any chances when your digital documents and databases are precious. 



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