Owning a new PC, or personal computer, last Christmas was surely one of the best presents one can have. Regardless of whether someone you love gave it to you as a gift, or you bought it as a present to yourself, you need to ensure that your PC is up and running to fulfill its optimum capability. 

Thus, installing the four programs listed below at once may be deemed as necessary.

New PC for Christmas


The first program that you may want to install in your PC, if you haven’t yet, is of course a browser. There are already several browsers that you can download and install for free such as Chrome or Firefox. Google Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox are some of the best web browsers that you can have for your system because several websites work well with these browsers.

Antivirus Software

Another important program that you should install immediately is an anti-virus software. This is because once you connect to the internet, your computer is already susceptible to various viruses and malware that can render your PC unusable in the end. While there are several anti-virus software already out in the market, studies show that Bitdefender has an edge over Malwarebytes and other anti-virus software solutions. The reason behind this is that Bitdefender has a comprehensive set of features and utilities in its suite, with an intuitive user interface that is friendly for both novice and seasoned users.

Office Software

Whether you intend to use your computer for work or for personal use, you need to install an office solution to be able to edit documents, sheets, and presentations among others, as well as to be able to use your computer for other multiple tasks. Of course the most popular office software program is that offered by Microsoft. Nevertheless, there are also other office software solutions such as OpenOffice, which is quite impressive, even if it is an open source suite.

Media Player

Finally, you also need to install a media player in your laptop to be able to enjoy music, movies and videos that you have downloaded or saved in your computer. The VLC media player is the most popular media player software, perhaps because it has the ability to play videos in various formats, and it is also capable of playing audio files. More importantly, it has the ability to convert video files from one format to another, making it a very useful software program to install in your computer.

New PC for Christmas

A new PC needs essential programs installed in it immediately to ensure that it will run to its full capacity. Apart from this, the necessary programs needed to be installed in a new PC also ensures that your computer is free from malware and viruses that can significantly impact its performance, or worse, render it unusable entirely. Thus, if you have a new computer bought over the holiday season or given to you as a gift, then make sure that it is equipped with the proper programs necessary to keep it secure and running optimally.



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