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Get the Perfect Android TV Box with These Tips!

An android box is a handy tool. Nowadays, it’s common to see households embracing Smart TV technology. But, TVs aren’t exactly cheap. One tip to make your TV experience better is to buy an Android TV Box for IPTV.

Why Should You Buy an Android Box?

IPTV is like cable, only it gives you many more viewing options. It also has an advantage over cable because of the level of data it can share. Aside from using the box for IPTV, there are so many other possibilities that open up when you buy an Android TV box.

You get complete access to all the apps on the market and all the viewing options that you could hope for. However, you can’t always know what sites to trust. Luckily, we know a great place to buy an Android TV box online – SwitchOnShop.

This website is the official representative of Infomir and currently exclusively sells one particular Android IPTV box as well as various accessories. The site not only provides a warranty but also 24/7 tech support.

Their products are also of good quality. Currently, they only have one Android box on offer, the MAG425A. It’s a sleek, stylish product that features 4k resolution support, so it’s great for modern TV owners.

If it’s your first time considering buying an Android TV box, here are a few useful tips.

Ten Useful Tips When Buying an Android Box

  1. Focus On The Processor

The processor plays a vital role in making sure your Android Box runs smoothly. We suggest looking for something with a quadcore processor as an absolute minimum.

  1. Keep An Eye On RAM

Most people have a hard time understanding what exactly RAM is. What most people know is that the more RAM the better. Yet that very same logic can result in you buying a much more expensive device. The most amount of RAM you’ll need to run your Android TV Box is 4GB. Anything above that is pointless.

  1. Storage

Unless you’re a gamer, you don’t need to worry about storage. Android boxes are predominantly made for streaming. For day to day use best to go for an 8 GB model.

  1. HDMI

If you want to watch 4k media on your Android Box, it needs to have HDMI 2 support. If not, HDMI 1.0 is perfectly fine for regular HD media.

  1. Wi-Fi/Ports

If you’re buying an Android box, you’re going to be reliant on the Internet. If your device doesn’t have quality Wi-Fi connectivity, you’re going to suffer. Buy a device only if it has 802.11 ac at the very least.

  1. Check the OS

Make sure you know what operating system you’re getting. Look for the latest models to save you any unnecessary headache.

  1. Read Reviews

Product reviews are always helpful if you can’t decide on what to buy.

  1. Bluetooth Support

Make sure you don’t buy an Android TV box that doesn’t offer Bluetooth support.

  1. USB Support

Any Android TV box you buy should have a minimum of two USB ports. Moreover, anything that features at least USB 2.0 is a good choice.

  1. Don’t Trust Everything Written On The Box

There may be a few android tv boxes that advertise one thing and turn out to be completely different. Make sure you buy your product from a well-known company.


Finding the best Android TV box for your needs and budget is not the most difficult task in the world when you know what to look for. Make sure to do your research first, read reviews, and look for features such as Bluetooth support and USB ports. Follow tips from this post, and you’ll find the ideal Android TV box without too much hassle.



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