Technology That Will Rule Software Development in 2020

A new decade brings with it, a lot of expectations and predictions, in every aspect. If you are a web developer or an enthusiast who is fond of the various facets of technology, you must be waiting eagerly for new technologies to unfold. There are some technologies and coding languages, which, according to expert will rule the new decade. Some technologies is a year older or more, but the new decade will be a great time for further exploration. As you have already got the Midas touch of artificial intelligence, voice commands, 2020 will mark the beginning of a new era of web development and app development.

The new age technology will consolidate a number of technologies and frameworks together, and thus custom software development services will gain momentum. There won’t be any radical new change, but the development will be worth mentioning.

So, what are few trends that will rule the software development platform in the new decade?

These are :

Artificial intelligence, Coding, Framework, Interactivity, Adaptbility, Chatbot, Voice Commands, Adapdibility, One-page sites

Artificial Intelligence

Once upon a time, we heard about robots in stories and science-fiction movies. But now robots are reality. The most intriguing aspect of technology is that automation and artificial intelligence have gradually entered into our lives without our conscience. From Cortana, Siri to Self Driving cars, from smart home to mini robots, artificial intelligence is getting deeply engraved into human life. Artificial Intelligent technologies that are coming soon are neuromorphic computing autonomous system, machine learning, cognitive cyber security, deep learning, cloud robotics, thought controlled gaming, virtual companions, neural networks, real time universal translation, real time emotional analytics, etc.


For web developers, coding is the most important pillar. Even if you are just a beginner, you must be well accustomed with the programming languages that are going to lead software development, web development and app development in near future. Javascript, Python and PHP are the three coding languages which are extremely important for developers. New as well as experienced developers will get hands-on with these languages in order to improve the adaptability. Python is the budding language for data science, but it lacks credibility for mobile platforms. PHP, even though a bit controversial language with mixed reactions from developers, will exist and be in use in the new decade because of its user friendliness and easy to learn.


The pillar of any structure is of extreme significance and so is the importance of Frameworks. The top rated and versatile frameworks for Front end development are React, and Vue, followed by Angular, Preact, Ember and Polymer. React was once, behind Angular in competition, but owing to certain inefficiencies in performances, Angular is now in third position, whereas React has reached the top position.

As for back end frameworks, Express will rule the race, followed by next.js, Koa, Meteor, Sails and FeathersJS. On the other hand, Svelte enables developers to create software applications of small size, consuming less memory. For this reason, Svelte is often termed as ‘disappearing’.

Voice Commands

As artificial intelligence is taking its place in software technology, voice commands will play a major role. Speech recognition, voice recognition will open new domain of software development. Till now, voice input is not as accurate as text input. So, there is a huge scope of improvement.


These are some of the important technologies of software development. Other than these, there are many factors, that will also grab the spotlight. As software applications are becoming smart and intelligent, users prefer interactive experience, rather than reading huge manuals, and specs sheets. Besides, adaptability of a software with all platforms is also an important goal. Time saving chat bot sessions are also becoming popular. In simple terms, software applications of future will have AI deeply integrated in them.


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