This Online Guide Will Help You Restore a Deleted Essay in Windows 10

Windows 10 team has got it all covered when you need to restore a deleted document from your computer. Look through this online guide to restore an essay.

deleted essay

Turn off the panic mode right now, wipe off the tears, breathe in, breathe out. Do some yoga, meditate, go eat that cake that you were saving for tomorrow. Now you need to concentrate your inner energy on going back to a calm mental state. Of course, losing your computer file is the worst experience ever. But people who have invented computers are smart fellas, they know that accidents happen, so they’ve predicted a situation like this may occur.

Bill Gates is even a smarter guy, so his Windows 10 will save your nervous system from a total breakdown. What if we tell you that there is a way to restore a deleted essay on your computer? See? The life doesn’t seem like such a disaster, after all. Of course, it may happen that your essay is gone forever and there is no way it can be restored. Don’t dive into depression! You can always buy essay online even if the deadline is coming at you with a speed of light. Now, when we`ve restored your faith in the positivity of life, we shouldn’t waste any second and we’ll get straight to the point.

Sorry for Being Too Obvious, But Still…

We have no doubts that you’re an experienced computer user, but it may just happen that you’ve forgotten about the easiest way to restore your files on the computer. Go to the recycle bin, click on the “Restore” icon and continue with your day being all smiley. This is the easiest step to do and if you’ve already thought of this one and it didn’t work, let’s keep looking for the solutions. One more thing, if you delete a file from a flash drive or any other external drive, you may not find it in the recycle bin at all. In order to restore an essay that got deleted from a USB drive, you should use these tips here.

A Simple But Effective Trick

This one is so going to work, and even if you’re far from being a tech-savvy computer pro, it’s super easy to do. The only thing that you need is a good memory. Do you remember the exact name of the file that you deleted? Not a few words, not “I forgot where the hyphen was”, but every single detail, including the gaps and capitalization. If you manage to make your memory work really hard and you got the name just right, this is awesome news! Now, you have to create the document with an exact same name.

Then, click on “Properties” and find “Previous Version”. Select the version that you need to be restored and you can finally breathe out a sigh of relief. If it`s a document file, this trick is supposed to work like a dream. Sometimes, you can see a previous version as “a shadow copy”, it’s the same. However, it may not be as effective if it’s video or audio, but we’re talking about bringing back to life your precious essay, so we bother ourselves with multimedia files.

Your Computer Has a Backup

The guys who have been working on Windows 10, have created a well thought-out route of restoring your documents. Open the “Control Panel”, you’ll find “System and Maintenance” there. Click on the “Backup and Restore” icon. Then you’ll see a “Restore my Files” option. Just follow the steps in the wizard and there’s a huge chance that you’ll get your essay intact.

When There’s No Hope

I believe, that if you’ve read to this moment, the previous three tricks didn’t work, huh? If you were the one who had accidentally deleted the files, then those might turn out to be rather effective. But when the documents are gone because of formatting of the hard drive or a virus invasion, then you’re going to need a professional recovery tool. Windows 10 has plenty of those to propose. If they are official, then they must be free and accessible. For example, Handy Recover is considered to be one of the best.

Be careful, though! There are many websites that are eager to make you download their software which may lead to the personal data theft or virus spreading. Normally, a professional recovery tool will be able to restore the documents up to 2 GB and I’m sure that it’s more than enough for your essay.



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