The Skip Ahead ring is that ring which gets more recent builds as compared to Fast Ring. Skip Ahead Rings are difficult to join. Usually the slots for getting Builds in Skip ahead ring open up without any warning and are quick to close. It isn’t easy getting a Skip Ahead build even if you don’t download it directly via Windows Update.

The following tutorial will help you to get Skip Ahead Windows 10 Inside Builds.

Steps To Get Skip Ahead Windows 10 Insider Builds

1. First, press Windows+R to open the Run window. Type regedit and hit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

2. Now navigate to the following location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsSelfHost\UI\Selection.
regedit  location
3. In the right panel, find out the string called “UIContentType”.
UI content
4. Double tap on it, and set its value to “Skip”.
5. Next, look for a String called “UIRing”. If there is no such string, then create it by right clicking on an empty space, then select New and click on String Value
UI ring
6. Set its value to “WIF”.
7. Now move to the following location

Following the above method look for a String named “ContentType” and set its value to “Skip”. Next, look for a string called “Ring” and set its value to Skip. That’s about it. For good measure, restart your system.

Restart your computer. Go to Settings and then to Update and Security menu. Under Windows Update, if there is a new build available for users on Skip Ahead, it will begin to download.


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