Windows Phones are flourishing on a progressive manner and Microsoft is planning some cool partnerships this year with many more companies. Windows Phones even though provide excellent hardware but they have not made a mark in form factors. We already got to know that Microsoft is planning a host of Windows Phones in Asian market at reasonable prices. This gesture is to grab the Asian and Indian subcontinent market.

Xolo to manufacture lightest Windows Phone 8.1

India based company XOLO is bringing good smartphones at reasonable budget with an achievement of making the fastest Android phone ever with processor Intel 2GHz X1000. Now it’s presenting the lightest ever Windows Phone 8.1 which will weigh 100 grams. The phone will sport a 4.7 inch screen and this is quite a light weight device when compared to other phones of this category like Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with 4.3″ screen having 107 grams weight. The processor in the XOLO phone will Snapdragon 200. Now we need to wait and see when Microsoft arrives with this XOLO handset.


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