Xbox Video for Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 is an ideal app for those who have great liking for watching videos in smartphones and smart televisions. The new update of the app has arrived and it has greatly revamped all its features including tweaks in performance, speed and stability. The app enables you to have a great movie experience anytime anywhere. You can buy or rent latest movies and videos and stream them in your smartphone, smart TV or at

Xbox Video for Windows Phone gets an update: faster playback, better searches

Some pivotal features of the app are getting to watch the latest TV programs the day after they are aired in the TV. You can view ratings and reviews of movies and can yourself rate the movies or programs you watched, rent or buy the latest blockbuster films. You will be able to pause and resume whenever you want and stream or download films and TV series, trailers and even personalized videos.

The app despite its versatility, suffered some troubles and bugs that made video streaming slow. The new improvements incorporate faster playback, better startup time, and refined search results. The video playback speed has also been enhanced to a great extent. Microsoft has always been a consumer’s company and like every time, this time also Microsoft has given priority to the difficulties, complaints and feedback of the customers. All the complaints have been met with utmost dedication and error messages have been updated and made informative. This enables users to specifically refer any issue they have. The app still has some issues which Microsoft is being working on.

You must give the app a try. Click Here to Install from Windows Phone Store.


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