We have literally become photo freaks owing to the ever increasing craze for posting photos in the social networking sites. If you own a Windows Phone, you can proudly boast that you know the ultimate style and poise to look best in the camera. There is an application for that known as Posing. the Posing app can be regarded as a huge data base that contains great collections of posing ideas for photographs. The app is available in Android, iOS and now in Windows.

Posing App for Windows Phone teaches you 300 ways to look stylish in photos

There are variety of poses available for children, women, men, couple, weddings, group and glamour. Each section open ups a considerable number of poses with description for each pose to help photographers and models to understand the meaning and situation of each pose. The app provides numerous tips and tricks on categories like basic, head, hands, legs, body, Legs, Body, Composition and Equipment.

The app is a paid one and costs $2.99. Besides, there is no free trial available, so unless you’re a model or a photographer you might not want to invest.

Install Posing App from Windows Store


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