Windows Phone 8.1 introduced a new way to access the Cellular settings of the phone by means of an application named Windows Quick Launcher. The notification center is already there that notifies us all important updates and information regarding apps but the Action Center cannot provide all notifications. So this app will be of great help as it will facilitate turning a feature on or off by toggling the bar provided with the setting.

Windows Quick Launcher: a gateway to access cellular settings of your Windows Phone 8.1

Quick launcher is a feature that allows Windows phone 8.1 user to get a quick access to cellular settings, and quickly open apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter from there only. Quick Launcher creates notifications that stays in Notification Center and does not add cellular toggle. At present only few major social networking apps are present in Quick Launcher but we are sure that more apps are going to be added to the list with updates in near feature.

Quick Launcher is available for download in the Windows Store absolutely free. The beta version now includes only Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Chaton. You can try this app to experience cellular toggle to the Action center.

Download Quick Launcher from the Windows Phone Store.


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