The upcoming release on Microsoft’s update guideline for Windows Phone 8 is commencing its presence to devices all around the world though that the procedure has already been dominated by some of the reports of few devices being bricked after the update has been set-up. General Distribution Release also better known as GDR2 will bring a range of welcome but moderately
boring advancements.

Windows Phone GDR3 update to bring UI changes

Apart from that Microsoft has another update in its arsenal for 2013. What we have been knowing for some time that GDR3 will be arriving sometime before the end of the year and would bring in some new hardware support chiefly for the quad-core processors and 1080p displays. Further detailed description about the GDR3 came forth via The Verge, stating the fresh features that the update would bring in.

The most prominent alteration will come about in the Start Screen with alteration to the Live Tiles for the devices with Full HD (1920*1080px) displays; the network indicant will also be evidently be updated. Also on the front panel of the UI, a new ‘driving mode’ interface will be appended to the OS thereby making the handsets more driver-friendly. A new feature called the Rotation Lock is also being developed that many a users have always wanted since the time they had laid their hands on Windows Phone 7 handsets. This was reported as a significant feature for phablet-class devices, those devices with displays larger than 5 and 6-inch. Microsoft is also unriddling a feature to sync SMS text messages between PCs, web and handsets. It is evidently aimed to enable users to see their messages on other devices or through the help of a web page.

There’s still a question of uncertainty of that feature though it is has been said that the organization might not be able to complete it on time for the launch of GDR3. Sources associated with Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans stated to The Verge that Microsoft desires to settle the update by Mid-September which would be concurrent with the launch of another
new Nokia Phablet.

GDR3 will evidently make its debut presence in that device and many other new devices before making it usable to other new devices later on this year. Apart from that “early 2014” is the time period for the next update but it is anticipated to be worth for the wait. Windows Phone 8.1 is believed to bring about a vast range of advancement such as improved multitasking
and a notification center, while an ‘enterprise future pack’ has also been assured.


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